Good Girl

They aren't the popular boys of the school that everyone is fascinated with. They aren't the star football players or the highest placing students. They're a band who is trying to prove to themselves and their parents that they should be allowed to leave school to pursue their dreams. I, however, am not like them. I am a high honor roll student, who only focuses on school work and my job. I don't have time for these boys, I'm a good girl. Though, as they might say, "Good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught.".


5. Four;

I find it strange on Monday morning, that when I see my absolute best friend in the world- Kara- I am completely uninterested in telling her about my fantastic weekend. 

"Hey, girl!" she says, bouncing over in her extremely bubbly fashion. "What's going on? Did you study for Bio tomorrow? I'm going to die if I don't do well on the exam. Plus, we have a report due on Catch-22 in English. And I did literally nothing. I laid in my bed and binged on Grey's Anatomy. You'll never guess-"

She's cut off when she notices Calum walking toward us. As bright and lovable as she is, Kara's one fault may be that she is extremely awkward in social situations. Especially ones where Calum Hood- as she would say "the absolute love of her life"- is involved. He's reasonably attractive, and plenty smart, like Kara any myself, so I understand her crush on him. 

"What's up, guys?" he says as he leans his body against the locker next to Kara's.

"Hey, Cal," I smile politely and give him a small wave. 

I notice Kara smiling widely, and nudge her lightly, unfortunately Calum notices, which causes him to chuckle. She breaks out of her trance and says hello to him. I can tell that he's uncomfortable, as he nearly always is around Kara. "Anyways, Luke wanted for me to tell you that we have another show this weekend. And since you were such an awesome stage hand Saturday, he wants you to come help. It's at the same place, but we're expecting a much larger crowd." At this, his smile turns into a full-blown grin. "We want it to go perfect. And you know how we can be."

I laugh lightly, trying to avoid Kara's eyes, that I know are burning a hole into my face right now. "Yeah, sure. That sounds great. Just make sure to tell Luke to come ask my parents, you know, the whole deal."

"Great, cool," he says, "See you then." He begins to walk away, but stops and turns around. "Why don't you bring her, too?" he gestures to Kara, giving me a very small, probably only noticeable by me, wink.

I begin to walk to my first period class, which is going in the same direction as Calum, but Kara pulls me back so that we can walk behind him. "You went to one of the concerts?" she asks, exasperated. "How on Earth? And why the hell didn't you invite me?" While she's acting angry, I know that she actually isn't. 

"Luke asked my parents, and I didn't really think about it. But if you're going too this weekend, there's no way that they'll say no to me," I smile. "It was actually a lot of fun." 

"I bet. So are you all like best friends now?" she eagerly questions. 

"No. We went swimming yesterday-"

"You're not allowed out on Sundays!" 

"Shh, Kara," I chuckle, but change my tone to be more serious. "My parents don't know."

"Lil! You can't betray them," she says, seriously. "You're going to get into so much trouble. What if Luke blabs by accident? Or Calum brings it up while you're doing a project? You'll never be allowed out of the house again."

Suddenly, I find myself becoming very annoyed. "God, sorry I didn't invite you on Saturday. But just because you're jealous doesn't mean that you have to act like this." 

She stops right outside of our Honors English class. "Like what?"

"Like my mother, Kar. God, I just want to live a little," I huff. And without giving her a chance to reply, I walk in and take my seat, which is on the opposite side of the room as Kara's.


"Liliana, please stop being upset with me," Kara pleads as we sit at lunch, me poking at my salad, hardly hungry. "I wasn't trying to be your mother. Just, obviously I don't want for you to get into any trouble."

"That's why I wasn't planning to tell you. Or anyone for that matter. I'd be dead in minutes if my parents knew!" I laugh, adding more solemnly, "But it was so much fun, Kara. I had a blast. And when do I ever get just a little bit of time to myself? I know that your mom isn't strict, but, God, you know she'd squeal in an instant if we did something my mom wouldn't like. It was nice to be free for a day."

She nods, clearly understanding where I'm coming from. "But I'm totally still invited this weekend, right? I'll come over and make you look hot. And girl we definitely need to fix your eyebrows." 

I roll my eyes and laugh at her, realizing that I could honestly never stay mad at her because she makes me laugh too much. "Oh, shut up. And read your book! That essay is due Wednesday!"


"Okay, mom, dad, I've got a question for you," I say while we're sitting at the dinner table, with Luke and Liz joining us. "Luke would like for me to help them out for their concert again this weekend. Same venue- no alcohol. And Kara is going to come, too."

"Her mom agreed already?" my mother questions. 

"No, but she'll say yes if you do. Besides, last time was fun and this time I'll have her there, too."

"She's quite a help when we're getting  ready. We don't get to have, like, someone who manages us or sets up the stage or anything. We do it all on our own and Lil helps us to keep in line." I smile at him from across the table and he winks. 

For a moment, no one says anything and dinner becomes kind of awkward. "Thank you for having us over," Liz says to my parents. "Even if this is just a setup to get your permission." This causes my mother to laugh, because she genuinely likes Liz.

"Well, if all goes according to plan, we'll be having family dinners like this all of the time!" 

I blush at this and Luke begins to laugh, "No way Princess and I are getting married."

My dad chuckles, "He's even got a pet name for her already." He sighs, but still laughs, "I don't see any reason why she can't go. It's on a weekend night and Luke's a good kid. That kid from her honors classes is in his band, too," he says to my mother.

"Oh, really? Which one?" 

"Calum," I clarify. This, I know, solidifies the deal for my parents. 

As I'm walking Luke and Liz to the door, I grin at Luke that this is going to happen. He leans in, "We're going out on Friday night. Ask your parents if you can come." 

I smile, because for the first time in years I feel as though I'm finally letting loose.

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