Louis leves ellmore


1. with ellnore

So guys it starts like this.louis was with Elmore and they where firting with eackouther.when I was walking Louis was looking at me.

me.and he came to me and he said he loved my eyes

.he whent to ellnore and said to her its over. He loved me. He told me he was fames in a band called one diction and I was so happy I was dating a fames guy.everyone was jelels I was so happy to date Louis and then it happens my first kiss with him. Being with him was the best. When he had free time be would go to the beach he would hang out with me touch me I had fun he was the best boyfriend. He loved me and I love him. When we whare at a the sea he would all ways behand my back. Like when we where on this flouting thing he would hold me it was the best felling I love it. Then we went back home and we hang out.Sorry guys not edit next chapter

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