Louis leves ellmore


2. Elnore comes back

When I woke up I saw Louis was gone.I saw a note on the bed saying I will be back with the band.The dorebell ring I obend the door and Louis band was here and what was strange that Elnore was there.i ask Louis why is your xgirlfreind here he said he wonted to be with her then me enymore I was sad."at the same time I felt fine I saw Niall looking at me thinking I was cute.I smaild at him.Niall went to the fridge right away to get a snack.I saw him take banana.I think I like Niall more then Louis he did dump me.Then Louis left but Niall Stayed Niall came to me and said you have the most lovely eyes.I smiled I said want to go to the fair and 8. He said sure the he left. 10 comments for the next chatter. Guys

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