I grew up Harry

Kendall is a woman from Cheshire, England. She's 20yrs old. She was best friends with Harry styles from One direction. He lived next door to her. They were best friends until Harry went on X-factor. He stopped texting or calling. She was upset for awhile. Until she started dating a guy name Brandon. He abused her so he went to jail. That was when she was 17. Then she dated a guy named David. She got pregnant and had a little boy named Jason. David and Kendall got married. When she was 19 David died. He was shot by his father. Kendall lived a lonely life with her 3 year old little boy. She has no light in her life until Harry comes and visits. What will happen when he finds out her past? Will there be romance in their future? Or just regret?


1. Me

I am Kendall Olivia Osborn. My parents live in London, because I got pregnant and got married so they disowned me. They never talk to me. I have white and purple hair. I am super pale. I have a baby boy. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and has freckles on his cheeks. His name is Jason David Osborn. His father died in 2013. I didn't keep my last name like his father's cause it brings back memories. His father's name is David Carter Henderson. I just can't think about him cause it makes me cry. I work as a tattoo artist. At a shop named Devil's horns. It's owned by my best friend Harley Kim Anderson. She lives in a apartment with me and Jason in Cheshire. She knew Harry too. Harry never called or texted us for 3 fucking years. I used to have blonde hair like Jason but I dyed it because I just wanted to be a bad girl. My sister Nancy is a good girl. She has blonde hair, tan skin, freckles, she is 25, but she still keeps contact with me. She takes care of Jason while I am at work, or I just take Jason to work sometimes. I have a gray Mustane. I am ok with my life but I just really need a man in it. I don't care if he's a friend or boyfriend. I just need someone. I love Nancy and Harley. I just need Harry. Our friendship was so important to both of us, we got a scar of each other's names on our right foot. He was amazing. Until he left. Now he is a rich ass who doesn't care about anyone like me. I think.

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