I grew up Harry

Kendall is a woman from Cheshire, England. She's 20yrs old. She was best friends with Harry styles from One direction. He lived next door to her. They were best friends until Harry went on X-factor. He stopped texting or calling. She was upset for awhile. Until she started dating a guy name Brandon. He abused her so he went to jail. That was when she was 17. Then she dated a guy named David. She got pregnant and had a little boy named Jason. David and Kendall got married. When she was 19 David died. He was shot by his father. Kendall lived a lonely life with her 3 year old little boy. She has no light in her life until Harry comes and visits. What will happen when he finds out her past? Will there be romance in their future? Or just regret?


5. helpless

Kendall's POV

I woke up to my phone ringing. I said hello? She said hey it's Nancy. I said what's up? Nancy said Jason wants to talk to you. I said hey baby. Jason said mommy I miss you!! I said me too. Jason said I love you. I said love you too bye. I hung up. I put on a black tank top, blue jean shorts, and gray converse. I ran outside since everyone was asleep. I walked around by the beach. I saw 4 guys walking towards me. I said hi? I saw they were 5 seconds of summer. Luke said hey. I said um what's up? Calum said I saw you coming from one direction's beach house. I said so? Ashton said well we wondered if we could come with you. I said fine. We walked back to the house. They all were up now. Ken said where have you been? I said walking, and I brought 5 seconds of summer. Harley said really? I said yeah. Luke said hey. Liam said no they aren't allowed here. I said why? Liam said because they try to prank is 24/7 and steal girls that are with us. Luke said no way mate. Louis said yes you do so get out!!!! Calum said fuck you!! They left. I said I don't understand but whatever. I sat down on the couch and turned on 1,000 ways to die. Harry sat down. I said what's up? Harry said nothing. I said we all should go to the mall and pull pranks on random people. Harry said ya. We all got to the mall. We had a bunch of supplies. I said ok me Harry, Ken, Liam, and Harley, then Niall, Zayn, Louis, Damon, Hope, and Kate. They nodded. I saw Marices. (If you don't know what store that is, well it is a clothing store for women. I said ok you all act nice to people then spray them in their faces with silly string spray thingy. They nodded. I walked up to a woman. I said hi ma'am what is your favorite color? She said pink why? I said cause this. I sprayed her with the pink of the string spray. I ran out of the store. I got caught by a security guard. He said get out! I said fuck no. He said are you sure you aren't leaving cause I can get the police. I said wow there is a kid falling from the railing!!!! He turned around and I ran into Rue 21. Harry was hiding too. I said the fuzz are coming. Harry said I know love. Then someone grabbed our shirts. I saw the security. I said shit. Harry said good idea. I said I know ain't I smart. Harry said fuck you, I said whatever but that was fun. The man said shut up. He threw us out. I saw everyone on the sidewalk waiting. I said hey. They said GET HER!!!!! I was chased by all of them. I said your mad now but you'll look back at this and laugh, please don't hurt me!!!!!!!!!! Harry and Harley tackled me. We got a taxi and I was put in fucking time out. I said guys I am 20 fucking years old, I have a child, and I am a widow, so c'mon your being asses ya know. Liam said ya we know. We got home and everyone was mad for no reason. I went into a random room. I saw a beautiful black piano. I sat down and played Story of my life by one direction. I took lessons not too long ago and I practiced that song. I got bored do I went into my room and got speakers and put on Just give me a reason by Pink. I sang to it. I danced a little too. I pretending a chair was a guy I was dancing with. I sat on the edge of the window. I cried cause I missed my baby. I called Nancy. I heard a mans voice. I said hello? The man said ma'am are you Nancy's sister? I said yes why? He said I'm sorry to tell you this but Jason Osborn is missing and Nancy Osborn has been murdered. I said what the hell!!! He said calm down ma'am. I said no no no no no!!!!! I hung up and jumped down to the sand and I sobbed and ran. I didn't know where I was going but I heard Harry, Damon, and Harley yell my name. I fell and was in a ball crying. Damon ran up to me. I jumped up and hugged him. He said what's wrong? I said my sister and son have been murdered!!!!!! Damon said what? I sobbed. Damon carried me back to the house. Harry, Harley, Hope, Ken, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Kate, and Louis were in the living room. They saw me. I sobbed. Harley said what's wrong? I said Jason and Nancy are dead!!!!! Harley said Kendall I'm so sorry. I got down from Damon and ran upstairs. I sobbed into my pillow. No my baby! First his father now him. No no no!! I can't loose him. Oh please god let me have my baby. Please god! Please!! Harry came in. I still laid there crying. Harry picked me up. I cried into his shoulder. Harry rubbed my back. I hugged him. His arms wrapped around me. I cried harder and harder. It was as bad as when I found out David died. Harry squeezed me. I said Harry? Harry said yes? I said thank you. Harry said for what? I said for being here for me, I thought you were a rich bastard who doesn't care about me. I kissed Harry's cheek. I squeezed him tighter. Harry started crying. I was already sobbing. I stopped after a hour. We went downstairs. I went into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowel. I poured fruit loops in and milk. I sat there and ate. I sat there. I thought about Jason, and how he hated fruit loops I always tried to feed it to him but he never liked them, he used to say 'mommy I don't like poo loops'. I had a tear fall out of my eye and into my cereal. I left the kitchen and into my room to take a shower. I let the warm water drench my body. I cried. I sat at the bottom of the tub and cried. I got up and put on a big shirt that was David's and I only wear it when I am sad, purple pj shorts, and black socks. I sat on the floor. I sat on my knees and prayed. I said god please don't let me loose Jason like I lost David, I can't cry anymore, I am very sad that my sister is dead, I just can't loose Jason like David and now Nancy, please let my baby live, I love him, thank you for giving me Harry though, I've wouldn't have got through the past hours, god I love Harry, please let me have Harry and Jason please, I can't do this just please this one favor, oh please god don't take him away, PLEASE. Harry's POV

I heard Kendall praying. She said that she loved me. I love her too but I can't do this to her right now. She's already sad and upset. I walked in the room and I saw laying down whimpering. I felt so helpless. I couldn't help her. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep very upset with the whole situation. I just wanted to help but there is no solution.

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