In which two people, extremely different yet exactly the same, have a chance meeting.


1. I

"Come on! Just one time, pretty please?" Jessica pleaded.

"No way," Xylia flopped back onto the bed. "Do you realize how expensive it'd be to get in? I've got to work on my resume tonight. Leave me alone."

"You can do that tomorrow. Just come tonight. You didn't go out at all while we were in college."

"If we work hard now, we won't have anything to worry about anything in the future."

"Your brain's going to combust if you don't take a break and you won't have a future."

Xylia sighed at her friend's irrational argument but decided to give in. "Fine. But how are we getting in?"

"We're going to Jared's club, smart one. He'll get us in. But first, we need to figure out what you'll be wearing."


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