Journal Entries: 4th and 7th Grades

I have written many a journal entry in my life, but I only have records of my entries from 4th grade and 7th grade. I write for fun on Movellas, but here's some stories I had to write! Here's all my entries I've done in those grades! If you need help with a journal entry, or if you were just curious, here is my record.


23. The Wrong Code

It all started when I poured orange juice on my cereal.

I spat out the cereal quickly. I mean, who could have--wait a minute! It said orange juice on the front! Maren had told me about a secret code. Now it said orange juice. Had she altered the code?

Bringing the code, I tracked her down. Uh-oh. I gotta get outta here, she thought.

She jumped into a commercial airplane, but I caught the flag. As the plane took off, it left me clinging to the whipping flag, dangling over the town. I climbed in to challenge her. She quickly bucked me off, but I had grabbed her jetpack. I activated the jetpack in midair and tore after my new enemy. Finally, she surrendered and told me the truth: She had cracked the wrong code on purpose!


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