Journal Entries: 4th and 7th Grades

I have written many a journal entry in my life, but I only have records of my entries from 4th grade and 7th grade. I write for fun on Movellas, but here's some stories I had to write! Here's all my entries I've done in those grades! If you need help with a journal entry, or if you were just curious, here is my record.


27. Leprechauns

Leprechauns have an interesting past. Their pot of gold is a collected belonging of their people. They are very tricky, and have only revealed to ways to catch it. If you manage, you will find the gold, but at a terrible price. They will kick you with sharp, heavy shoes made of mere wood. It will be a painful trip to carry the gold thanks to your weak limbs.

I personally think they're pretty cool. Leprechauns are very protective of their fortune. They aare very clever. They are also prepared for anything. There is much more at stake than you know...

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