Journal Entries: 4th and 7th Grades

I have written many a journal entry in my life, but I only have records of my entries from 4th grade and 7th grade. I write for fun on Movellas, but here's some stories I had to write! Here's all my entries I've done in those grades! If you need help with a journal entry, or if you were just curious, here is my record.


4. Avalanche

A Narrative

Hello! My name is IsaacBearAmmonPumpkinn. And I was at 7 Peaks, on August 27, 7:30 PM.

We drove to 7 Peaks Waterpark at 3:30 PM. After a wait, we were let into the waterpark at 3:59 PM. We rode many slides until there it was: THE AVALANCHE SLIDE. You go headfirst on a curved-ended mat with handles. I was so scared I ran down the stairs! Later I came back and very courageously went down...after a ton of persuasion that it was fun. But I almost went down the stairs again! And I even wanted to ride it again! And to this day, the Avalanche Slide is in my 3 top favorite 7 Peaks waterslides.

The lesson to be learned is Courage. It may not be such a minor incident, but when you are courageous, good will come to you.

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