Journal Entries: 4th and 7th Grades

I have written many a journal entry in my life, but I only have records of my entries from 4th grade and 7th grade. I write for fun on Movellas, but here's some stories I had to write! Here's all my entries I've done in those grades! If you need help with a journal entry, or if you were just curious, here is my record.


24. Ashley And Zoe's Trigger

It was finally time.

Thomas was about to present his science project. He got to go first, because he was "Student Of The Week."

"Isaac?" It was Mr. Thompson.


"Ashley keeps giggling. Can you get some staples to close her lips together?"

Ashley giggled.


I went into the closet. Where's the staples? I wondered. This might hurt her. I would honestly rather staple Zoe's--WHHOOOAAAAAAAAA!

The closet jerked and zoomed at who-knows-what extreme speed.


Was it something I said?

Wait. This was no closet. It was a time machine! Suddenly, I felt a CRASH.

"I am now under your control."

What the heck? Who said that?..................................


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