The Truth About Heaven

What would you do if you died? Would you have regrets? Forgotten loved ones? Children?
So what if you were given the chance to live your life in a new way after dying.
Well that is what happened to eight year old Zayn.
One day whilst on a tour of an old factory, Zayn's life changed when the building collapsed and he died. That day would start his new life were he will find out the truth about heaven.


3. The Gift

Hi kittens! Sorry i haven't uploaded I've been really busy but here you go and Happy reading!






Chapter 3

The Gift

            “ZAYN MALIK WILLIAMS LET ME IN!!!!!!!”

            “Not until you calm down,” Zayn said, his back to the door, that he could bending with the pressure of his assailants attacks.

            “Better do it, kiddo. Cause if Jess breaks that door you are paying for a new one.” Zayn heard Joe yell from his place in the living room.

            Just then the pressure on the door ceased. Zayn waited a few moments for anything to happen.

 For last few weeks Jess had been fussing over him and acting like a clingy nurse, do to what happened to his arm. Of course Jess kept her promise and she never forced him to go to a hospital, but she did insist on practically never leaving his side. He had tried nearly everything to get her to leave him alone but of course Jess is stubborn as hell.

            After a good minute or so of no noise Zayn made the stupid mistake of opening the door. Once he did Zayn was met with a quick blow that knocked him against the wall. Zayn quickly recovered to find Jess pinning him to a wall, Joe sitting on the counter that connected the living room and the kitchen, and Zack lounging on the couch.

“Either of you idiots wanna help me?” Zayn yelled, as Jess attempted to unsuccessfully to grab Zayn’s arm.

“Nah I’m good” Zack said smirking.

“Shut up! What the hell are you doing here anyway?”

“Enjoying the show.”

Zayn looked to him brother, “Joey?” Joe just shook his head. “Y’all are evil.”

At that moment Jess stopped reaching for his arm, “Wait! Say that again.”

Zayn gave Jess a weird looked. ‘Odd thing to ask of someone.’ Then he thought of a way to twist this in his favor. “Let go of me and I’ll tell you.”


“Then I’ll never say it.” Jess stood there thinking for a moment, and then slowly stepped back.

“Now say it,” she said really evilly.

“Ok, ok. ‘Y’all…are…evil’?” Jess giggled like a little school girl. “What? Did I say something weird?” Zayn gave her that weird look again as well did the rest of the boys in the room.

“Is that a southern accent I’m picking up on?”

Joe laughed so hard he nearly fell off the counter, Zack had a look of real disappointment, and Zayn, Zayn was almost angry. “What is it? Did I say something wrong?”

“No, no Jessie it’s that Zayn doesn’t personally like to admit that he still has a southern anything.”

“No kidding.” Zayn muttered under his breath.

“But how the hell does he even remotely have an accent other than a New York one. You two were born here right?”

Joe walked over to Jess wiping tears from his eyes and put his arm over her shoulder like an older brother would do, “Yes, we were born here, due to certain circumstances we went to live with our aunt and uncle in Tennessee for a good 5 years and that’s where he picked it up.”

“And you never got one?” Jess asked Joe very innocently.

“I did have one at one point, but I lost my about a year after I moved back.”

“Zayn however is forever cursed with the lingo of a cowboy,” Zack piped in.

“Shut up you two! Why the hell did I even get out of bed this morning?” Zayn mumbled while heading to tiny kitchen. Once there he stared searching the cabinets for coffee mumbling in anger.

“Top cabinet next to the stove!” Joe yelled.

“THANK YOU!” Zayn yelled angrily.

All three of them laughed at Zayn’s sudden outburst as he trudged back his room, holding a cup of coffee he had just poured. After only a couple of seconds Zayn stuck his head out of his door and threw something at Jess missing her by barely a hair. “There and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” He said as he slammed the door shut. “Damn them. Damn them to hell.’ He muttered, “Can’t I go one day without someone making a joke or something.” Zayn went to sit on his bed and rested his head on his hands. “Damn it. Can’t someone understand?”

Just then the door opened. Zayn whipped his head up. In the doorway stood a thin feminine figure. “Hey Zayn”

“What do you want Jess?”

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’”


“This,” Jess held up the box that he had thrown at her, it was now open. In it sat a tiny sting bracelet decorated with little clay beads.

Zayn looked away and toward the opposite wall. “So what the hell does it mean to me?”

Jess walked over and sat next to him. “It’s sweet kitty cat.

“Don’t call me that.”

Jess just continued, “Really I like it. Will you help me put it on?” Zayn looked at her out of the corner of his eye; though Jess said nothing but had a pleading looked in her eyes.

“Fine.” He turned and helped Jess tie the bracelet around her wrist. “There. Done.”

“I think it looks good don’t you?” Jess said holding up her hand. Zayn said nothing he just looked at his feet. “Don’t worry I won’t ever take it off.” Jess said as she walked to the door. “Oh and by the way. I can it took some time to make something like this. So thank you.” Zayn glanced at Jess just for a moment and noticed her staring at his arm. He followed her gazed and looked at his tattoo. Two dragons intertwined one red and one blue. It supposed to mean balance, how ironic right? Nothing in Zayn’s life was balanced… it never had been and only a few years had he really figured that out. Zayn heard the door close. Why me? Why did this happen to me? Zayn heard jess closed the door. And he couldn’t  help but think about how familiar the dragons looked. Of course he had gotten the tattoo in order to cover the burn on his arm but still… why did they look so familiar?

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