The Truth About Heaven

What would you do if you died? Would you have regrets? Forgotten loved ones? Children?
So what if you were given the chance to live your life in a new way after dying.
Well that is what happened to eight year old Zayn.
One day whilst on a tour of an old factory, Zayn's life changed when the building collapsed and he died. That day would start his new life were he will find out the truth about heaven.


2. The Boy In The Blue Jacket


Chapter 1

The Boy in the Blue Jacket

It was a dark night, darker than normal which gave everything an eerie feeling, as Jessica walked down the street. She kept getting the feeling that she was being watched. After about an hour of walking, her suspicions were confirmed when she heard a crash from one of the alleys. Jessica started walking a little faster but not fast enough to draw attention.

For the first time that entire night Jess noticed that she totally and utterly alone. Jess looked behind her only to find three men following her. The men were hobbling toward her, which made it obvious that they were very, very drunk. “Come here sweetie,” one of the said with his voice slurred. “Let’s have some fun.”

Jess panicked and ran into an ally to hide only to find herself trapped. As the men came down the little path toward the back of the ally, where Jess was trying to find a way out, they looked more like zombies not people.

The apparent leader of the group was the first one to try to approach her, and before she could even realize what was happening he had Jess pinned to the wall. “Ready to have some fun sweet heart?” his little sidekicks were laughing like hyenas, the laughs only “drunk to almost passing out” people can accomplish.

“HELP! SOMEBOD-” Jess tried to scream for help but the man pinning her to the wall clapped his hand over her mouth.

“Quiet now sweetheart,” as the man was talking Jess was trying to see if anyone was around to help her, but all she could hear was the sound of a distant Motorcycle but it quickly disappeared without any sign of slowing down, “We wouldn’t want anyone to walk in on us now would we.” He started running his hand up her leg. Jess started screaming behind her kidnapper’s hand. “That screaming getting annoying right boys?”

There was no answer.

“Right boys?” the kidnapper whipped his head around only to find his “friends” unconscious and a boy in a blue varsity jacket standing over the bodies.

“Oh, were these guys supposed to be a challenge? I didn’t realize- I’m sorry.” with the shadow of the mystery man’s hood covering his eyes, Jess couldn’t get a good look at who it was. “I guess I could wake them up again.” He said slightly nudging the sleeping boys with his foot. “But I think that may take too long, so let’s just let the pretty girl go and we can try this some other time. Let’s see I’m free Thursday; how about Thursday?” That drove Jess’s kidnapper over the edge, he dropped his hand from her mouth and charged at the other boy. Jess slid to her knees but when she gained her senses Jess saw the glint of a knife blade. She had to warn him, “LOOK-” it was too late the man, who had been so drunk only moments ago, was now as sober as a judge and had been fast enough to drive the blade home. Then Jess realized that the blade didn’t enter his body, instead the boy had caught the blade right before it could hit


“A knife, really? Now that’s not far. I think it’s time for you to learn your lesson.” And all she could see was a glint of blue and the kidnapper was down and out. It was just Jess and this mystery boy.

She was astonished. How could he take down three thugs nearly twice his size and make it out without a scratch? Then she noticed his hand, it was dripping in blood. “Ar- Are you okay?”

The boy turned to look at her, “Yeah I’m fine.”

“But you hand,” Jess cowered against the wall.

“It’s nothing I’m fine. What about you, are you okay?” he said looking at his hand and realizing, perhaps for the first time, that is was injured.

“Y-yeah I’m fine.”

“Good,” he then turned and started heading out of the alley when he said, “Oh and sorry for the bad experience on your first day in New York.”

Jess stood up and ran down the alley a little, “How did you know I just moved here?”

He just laughed and answered, “Because no girl in her right mind would be out alone this late at night.” And then he left. Leaving Jess alone and very confused but curious. Who was this boy? Why did he save her? Will she ever see him again? These were the questions she pondered her whole walk home.


As the evening bell rang and all the high school students made a mad dash to their lockers, Lily was looking for her friend so they could walk home.

“Lily!” she looked toward the voice and saw Jessica. Jess was a young lively little girl with soft, wavy, light brown hair, soft tanned skin, and bright, hazel eyes. “I thought you would never stop.” Jess said completely out of breath.

“Sorry I didn’t realize you were back there. I guess you’re just too stealthy for me.” Lily laughed.

Jess was laughing too, “Yes when I come barreling through the halls screaming and knocking everyone in my path to the ground, I only prove I’m the master of stealth.

The two girls continued to joke and laugh all the way to their lockers. But just before they were about to leave they met an even more destructive force than Jess.

“LLLLLIIIIILLLLYYYYY!” Next thing the girls saw was a blur and they heard the thud of a body hitting lockers that made them cringe.

“And that was Zack.” Lily said matter-of-factly with a slight tang of annoyance.

“Who’s Zack?” Jess was very confused about what she had just seen.

“Well I’m Zack of course. Zack Michaels. And you are?” said the boy as he came running up to the two girls. Zack kissed, Jess’s hand like a prince meeting a princess. Zack was an odd boy to say the least. He had jet black hair that stuck straight up and his emerald green eyes looked odd in comparison to his pale skin. Jess wasn’t quite sure how to respond.

“Calm down, princess.” Jess and Lily followed the sound of the voice. The source of it just so happened to be a tall teenage boy. He was about 5’ 11”, same height as Zack. Also he had jet black hair that, unlike Zack’s, was combed up into a neat quiff. His eyes were a midnight blue and his skin a faint tan. His voice was soft and soothing but with a scratch that gave you the felling he was older then he looked, unlike Zack’s which was loud and a little startling. His entire aura was peaceful and made you feel safe, but at the same time there was something wrong with him “Hey princess, you spacing.”

“Oh! No, I’m fine.” Jess could feel her cheeks begin to flush.

“What are you ladies doing today?”Zack asked really stacker-like and moving closer to Zayn.

“EEK” Lily squeaked hiding behind Zayn. “Zayn save me!” Zayn looked completely unfazed by the whole strange situation unfolding in the empty school. In fact he looked almost annoyed by it.

Zayn just rolled his eyes, “Zack, really must we do this every Friday.”

“Yes! Pleeeeeeease,” Zack looked completely different, almost like a puppy.

Zayn just rolled his eyes again, “Fine,” and then in a really annoyed tone he said, “Oh sweet Lily I shall protect you from this pervert. Why again do I have to be the lame hero.”

“Cause you do!” Zack said all perky, and once again Zayn looked very annoyed.

“This is the oddest thing I have ever seen.”

“Oh right Jess, your new here. I guess you don’t really know what’s going on,” Lily giggled.

“Trust me, you don’t want to know,” Zayn groaned.

“Come on Zayn you love it,” Zack said giving Zayn a playful noogie. Jess couldn’t help but laugh. “What’s so funny?” Zack said getting all up in her face.

“Nothing.” Jess said through giggles, “Is this a normal routine for you?”

“N-n-no! In fact I barley know these people.” Zayn stuttered, still looking annoyed, but a little fluster.

Jess walked over and wrapped her arm around his neck. “Oh, it’s fine ZAYNEY-WAYNEY.”

Zayn looked at Jess very annoyed, “Never call me that again.” Everyone started laughing. “No seriously guys don’t every call me that.” Zayn said very quickly. “And when did I ever say my name was Zayn? Guys, really, you’re freaking me out. GUYS!”

“Alrighty Zayney lets go and do something fun.” Zack said smiling and dragging Zayn by the back of his jacket, which for the first Jess realized that it was a blue varsity style jacket, as Zayn tried to free himself from his friend’s grasp. “Coming ladies?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world” Jess said skipping a little after them, disregarding the jacket.

“I’m right behind you.” Lily giggled.


“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!!!” The sound of Zayn’s alarm clock woke him from his dreamless sleep. It was a rare occasion when Zayn dreamt and last night was no exception.

Zayn practically rolled out of bed, forgetting to turn off the alarm; he trudged to his closet to find practically nothing. There were a couple t-shirts and a pair of jeans. “I guess I have to do some laundry to today” Zayn thought with a sigh. Zayn just grabbed one of his black t-shirts and the jeans. He changed into his clothes then went to the apartment’s tiny kitchen. He searched the only two cupboards in the entire kitchen for coffee, but to Zayn’s horror there was none. He sunk down the counter and sat there in defeat. Zayn noticed a note on the counter above him. With a sigh Zayn reached up and grabbed the note:


Went to work. Be back at 5:00. Don’t get in trouble.


‘Jeez Joe for once could you leave me a more caring note’ Zayn thought with a groan. Zayn heaved himself to his feet and trudged to the door of the apartment. He slipped on a pair of old, worn-out converse and his varsity jacket and grabbed the key to the door.

Once he got out of the building he made the 3 block walk to the coffee shop and bought a large black coffee. Then Zayn, having some caffeine in him, walked to the garage where Joe worked, which was another 4 blocks and a parking lot of drag racers away.

Once Zayn got to his destination, which was an old crumbly building that looked like it belonged in the 1960s, he was greeted by the way too peppy secretary. Zayn slipped under the counter and walked all the way to the back of the garage sipping his coffee and say “hi” to any of the workers that bothered to look up from their job and notice him. Finally Zayn made it to his little part of the garage. There Zayn had his dad’s old motorcycle. He had made it his life’s mission to fix it after the owner, who had bought it for a little while after the accident, had crashed it.

It was looking pretty good and was running, but Zayn still had to add some art. His own little touch, you know? Once Zayn had gotten out a couple of spray paint cans, the stencils, and face mask, he heard someone walking up behind him. Form the heavy stopping steps he could tell it was Joe.

“What do you want Joe? I’m busy.” Zayn snapped.

“No need to be an ass about it, Zayn. I just came to ask you if you were going out with your friends today.” Joe asked with evident care.

Zayn spun around to face Joe, “Well considering I’m here, what do you think?”

“I would take that as a ‘no.’ what crawled into your coffee this morning?”

“That’s just it; it’s not what crawled into my coffee but what didn’t.”

“What the hell is that suppose to mean?”

Zayn collapsed onto the ground onto his back, arms spread out, and starring at the ceiling. “YOU DRANK ALL THE COFFEE!”

Joe laughed a deep 20 year old’s laugh. “That’s all? Well then if that’s what it takes to get a reaction out off you then I’ll drink the last of the coffee more often.”

And with those words he sealed his fate, in a heartbeat Zayn had tackled and pinned Joe to the ground. He stared into his brother’s eyes and whispered, “You will never have coffee again.”

Joe pushed Zayn off of him and brushed himself off, “Look at what you’ve done now. Everyone is staring at us.” When Zayn looked up he saw most of the workers snap their attention back to their work.

“Assholes,” Zayn muttered. Then he turned around and went back to work on the bike.

Joe smiled, “Ok Zayn go and be your disconnected self, but one of these days you’re going to need someone and then you’ll have to let them get close to you.”

Zayn rolled his eyes and started spray painting the bike.


About an hour into working on the paint job, Zayn’s phone rang.

He struggled to his feet, which were asleep, and walked over to his jacket, which he had taken off and set down on a work bench just before he started working. He pickup his phone and saw it was Jess. With a sigh he answered.

“Hello Zayn!” Jess squealed into the phone.

“Hi, Jess. What do you need?” Zayn grumbled

“I was just wondering what you were doing?”

“Um I’m at the garage and—”

“OOOO I’m heading that way can I come say ‘hi’?” Jess Screamed.

“Sure” was all Zayn could say before Jess hung up on him.

Within minutes Jess was at the garage slipping passed the front desk and strutting to where Zayn worked. She found him sitting on the floor painting weird symbols onto a motor bike.

“Hi Zayn,” she said quietly so not to give Zayn a heart attack. He held up his hand signaling here to wait a moment, so she did.

Once he finished whatever he was doing, Zayn spun around and looked up at her from where he was sitting on the floor. He was wiping extra paint off of his hands and seemed really annoyed, then again when didn’t he, “What do you want, Jess?”

“Well I wanted to see if you would’ve liked to come and hang with your friends. But I guess you like being all anti-social and stuff,” Jess snapped.

Zayn turned back to the motorcycle he was working on and said in a monotone voice, “Well personally I like my lonely life.”

How was it possible that Zayn was able to take a super happy person and make then contemplate the idea of homicide within moments of them meeting? And in the chaos of Jess’s thoughts she had grabbed Zayn’s jacket and was dragging him out to the car. As she was doing so she heard one of the guys in the garage say something about how she was crazy, so to prove a point after she had shoved Zayn into the car Jess spun on her heels to look at the guys in the garage, who had been watching the whole scene play out, and bowed.


After driving in silence for a good hour, Zayn spoke, “You really know how to make a scene, don’t you?”

“Shut up!”

Zayn was actually surprised by her reaction. He only knew her a happy go lucky little girl, not this. Zayn turned back to the window in the hopes that eventually they would reach their destination.

“Hey,” Jess said only moments after Zayn had looked away. She sounded calmer so he decided to acknowledge her. “Sorry about that. It just… I wish you wouldn’t block out the rest of the world. I can tell you’re a good guy, I mean look at how you handle Zack, that takes patience.”

Zayn looked back at the window, “Don’t try to get to know me, Jess. You’re a nice girl and I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“And why would I?”

Zayn just sat there saying nothing else. He had disconnected.

Jess looked over in Zayn’s direction and noticed that he had a bandage wrapped around his hand. “Hey Zayn what happened to you hand?”

“Nothing.” Zayn said in a very monotone.

Then something hit the car, and Jess’s car wasn’t a big car so it did quite a bit of damage. She pulled over and so did the person who caused the crash. Both Zayn and Jess got out of the car, only to be confronted by two guys who were obviously drunk. One was a very tall, muscular guy that looked like he was about to kill someone. The other guy was even taller and looked like he held the record the most bench presses.

“What the hell was that for?” Zayn barked, and in this case his bark was defiantly worse than his bite.

“Fuck off pipsqueak, and let the adults play,” the larger of the two said as he shoved Zayn to the side. He walked toward Jess, pinning her against the car. This whole situation was too familiar for her liking.

“Zayn help!” The guy was so close to Jess now, that she could smell the alcohol on his breath.

“I knew you two were worthless alcoholics, the first time I met you, but I didn’t realize we had ourselves some day drinkers. I mean for God’s sake it’s noon.” Zayn said getting off the ground and moving toward the first assailant. He looked like a cat stalking a piece of prey.

The two attacks snapped their attention to the grinning little high schooler. “YOU!” They said in almost unison.

“Wow you remember me I’m flattered. By the way where is your little friend? I was looking forward to a rematch with all three of you.”

The smaller of the two ran at Zayn like some kind of animal. The larger guy followed his friend. They both hit Zayn with enough impact to knock him to the ground. Zayn was pinned down and one of them pulled a knife.

As Jess recovered she was able to put all the facts together. The jacket, the hand, the eyes, and even his voice, Zayn was the same guy who took on these guys the first time they tried to snatch her, and now they had him pinned to the ground and where threatening him with a knife.

“How about we give you a makeover pretty boy,” the smaller one snarled holding the knife to Zayn’s neck. However Zayn seemed extremely calm in fact he looked annoyed with the whole situation. As if it were a nuisance.

“I would actually like to keep my face intact so I’ll be seeing you boys later,” Zayn said with a smirk, and then he was gone. Next thing Jess knew he was behind the larger guy and was just about to give him a good kick in the head. But then the smaller of the two grabbed Zayn’s leg slamming him to the ground, causing Zayn’s head to make a sickening thud as it hit the pavement.

His body went still.

Then the little guy picked up the knife and held it against Zayn’s chest. Jess had to do something, she had to help him, so she did the first thing she could think of and yelled, “Zayn! For once please get off your ass and do something right for once!” and to Jess’ amazement he responded. Zayn’s fluttered open just in time for him to notice the knife diving toward his chest. Zayn slid to the side just in time for the knife to not hit his heart but not quick enough for the knife not the catch him at all. The knife hit home and cut deep into Zayn’s arm. He stiffened a low groan. Once he had gotten to safety Zayn was able to pull the knife out of his arm.

Jess was over flowing with joy, till she saw the look in his eyes. Instead of looking like a little kitten, like before, he looked almost like an animal ready to kill. Jess was actually afraid of Zayn at the minute, with him standing there bleeding and holding a knife, he looked just like the rest of the of the dirt bags on the streets. Jess made a split second decision; she ran at Zayn and wrapped her arms around his neck. As she did so Zayn’s body relaxed his tensed muscles loosed and his breathing steadied. Jess looked up into his eyes, and though he still looked angry, he did have a psychotic look in his eyes. Jess let go and looked at the attackers, who had once seemed so frightening, now cowered against their wrecked car like a pair of cornered mice.

Zayn started walking toward them. Jess, afraid that he was going to hurt them, grabbed Zayn’s shoulder, but he just looked back at her gave her a reassuring wink. Zayn kept walk and once he reached the two men, who were now shaking like the tail of a rattle snake, and grabbed one by the shirt. Jess could tell which because when they were sitting like that they both looked the same, also she did care. They would get what they deserved.

Zayn held the knife to the man’s throat and said, “If you ever come back and bother this girl again I will personally track you down and tear out your throats. Got that?” Both of them nodded, so Zayn let go of the one guy’s shirt and tossed that knife at their feet. Both men got up and scrambled to get into the car. Once in, they took off leaving only skid marks in their wake.

As Jess watched the two men drive away like cowards, out of the corner of her eye she saw Zayn collapse to his knees. Jess ran to Zayn and kneeled down in front of him. He was breathing heavily and clutching his arm, which had begun bleeding heavily. There were bruises all over his body and he was bleeding from a cut on his head that must have been created when he hit it on the asphalt. “Are you okay? You’re bleeding really badly. Should I call an ambulance?” Jess said looking Zayn over for any other wounds.

Zayn moved to look Jess in the eyes. He had an extremely exhausted expression. “I’ll be fine, okay?”

Jess couldn’t help but laugh a little. She was freaking out and he, as usual, is completely calm. Jess helped him to the car and there she got out the first aid kit and patched him up as best as she could.

Once they had gotten back on the road, Jess decided that she had to mention the severity of his wounds. “Zayn?”


“I think that you should go to a hospital. You’ll bleed out if you don’t.” Zayn tensed at the word ‘hospital.’

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. I-I mean we could never paid a medical bill and doctors don’t really like me.” Zayn was nervous about something, that was evident.

“Okay but if I take you home, and then you have to rest. Stay at home. I’ll come and check on you every chance I get. Okay?” Jess said trying to sound as menacing as possible.

Jess could hear Zayn laughed a little “What would I do without you, Jess?”

Jess pretended to think about it for a bit, “Get yourself killed.”

Zayn giggled a little, “Probably.”

Then Jess realized that this was the first time that she even heard Zayn laugh. He was a complicated guy. Jess wanted so badly to get to know the real Zayn. The one hidden behind a wall of isolation. On that day she promised herself that no matter what she would break down the wall that he had built between himself and the world. She would see the truth behind him.

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