Heroes Get Remembered


5. Chapter 5: Sweet Dreams...

-Benny's POV-

I heard chuckling from my closet. I clutched my bare chest, and shot outta bed. I wiped the sweat on my head.

I had the worst dream ever. I fell back in bed, and swallowed. I tried not to think of the dream I had. The dream was about Philips. He had taken Stefanie from me, and all my friends. He stole the Sandlot, and eventually, I wasn't Benny anymore.

In the dream It was like I was invisible. Every time I would try to kiss Stefanie, she wouldn't kiss back, because I went straight through her. I was invisible, and I could walk through things. It was like I was fading away... Because of Philips.

I sighed and picked up the phone, and dialed Stefanie. A few rings, and I heard a noise. "Hello?" Her sweet, angelic voice sounded tired. "Stefanie? I'm so sorry I woke you up..." I whispered.

I heard faint laughing. "It's fine Benny.. What's up? Got your panties in a twist?" She said.

I smiled. I laughed. "No... I just, I had a dream.. Could I come over?" I whispered.

I heard a sigh. "Fine, don't get caught.. And come through my window"

I held my bare chest. "Thank you..."

He hung up. I quickly put on my jersey, and my baseball. I climbed out my window, and landed on the grass. I made sure that the lights in the house were off. My dad comes home late from work, so he watches Television at like, one in the morning.

I sprinted across the street to Stefanie's house. I ran up the small hill that led to her window. I knocked on it softly. Stefanie sat on her bed, holding a baseball glove. Her long luscious hair was in a high ponytail, and she looked amazing.

She turned her head, her hair flying behind her. I smiled. She motioned for me to come in.

I opened her window, tossed her the baseball and climbed in. I shut the window behind me. She caught the ball with her glove, and started throwing it up in the air and catching it.

I sat beside her on the bed, and kissed her temple. She held the ball in her hand. "So, what about your dream?"

I sighed. She looked at me. "Benny, what happened" she sad with seriousness in her voice. I wrapped my arm around her.

"I had a dream, that Philips had taken my friends, The Sandlot, and... And you. I started fading away, and slowly, he became the new Benny, and I became invisible.

Then, I tried to kiss you... And I was like a ghost. I went straight through you. I cried, I gave up, and I fell into the ground, and I woke up."

Her ocean blue eyes studied mine. Her eyes gave me a sign, telling me that it was only a dream. She kissed me, with the force alright, and I kissed her back. We ended up lying down on the bed. She pulled my jersey down from my shoulders, as her hands grazed my arms. I moaned, telling her that this made me work.

I slid my arms around her waist and lifted her up. She pulled away and rested her head on my forehead. Her hand fell on my chest, as she felt our heaving breathing.

"Damn it Stefanie" I whispered.

She smiled. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and gave me a hug. I hugged her back, kissing her shoulder. "Benny I love you" she whispered.

"I love you too"

I lifted her out of bed, and place her on her feet. "What are you?--"

I pulled her close, swayed with her side to side. "Philips won't ever get you, I promise" I said as my hands held her waist. She kissed the tip of my nose. "Your so cute Benny"

I laughed quietly. "Is your dad home?" She shook her head. "He's still at work. Probably with the Dodgers coach. Again" she sounded annoyed.

I dropped my hands. "Wait, what?"

Her eyes widened "I mean.."

I raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I didn't tell you this, or the guys because it could ruin us. And, and my dad is not the person you want to get mad. Benny, my dad.. He um.. He's the Dodgers Manager..."

My jaw dropped, my eyes widened. "Wait seriously?"

She nodded. I picked her up, swing her around and kissed her. "Wait, woah!" She said.

I laughed. "This is amazing! Stefanie, I might have a chance!"

She giggled. "Benny, your thirteen. Your not 23 yet"

I smiled. "I know, but... But one day... I even told your dad, I want to be one of them one day"

She smiled. "I know you do, but no need to worry right now, go home and get some rest... I'll see you tomorrow at The Sandlot okay?"

I nodded, grabbed my jersey off the bed, and pulled it over my shoulders.

I started climbing out the window. "Wait Benny your ball.."

She said as she held the baseball in her hand. "Keep it, I love you Stef, goodnight" I winked.

"Goodnight Benny" she played with the hem of her shirt.

I but my lip, shut the window, and went home. I climbed through my own window, and went over to my bed.

"Philips, there's no way you can take her from me"

And I fell asleep.

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