Heroes Get Remembered


3. Chapter 3: Be My Girl?

~Benny's POV~

The dream I had was, and I'm pretty sure to surreal.

I kissed Stefanie Scott.

"Pinch me Ham" I said. "Why?" He laughed.

"So I know this isn't a dream"

I felt spinach at the back of my neck. "Ow!"

Stefanie giggled in front of me. I looked up and notice that this beautiful angel was not a dream, and I actually kissed her.

I smiled and pulled her closer again, kissing her once more. "Stef, would you be my..?" I whispered against her lips.

She just nodded, her eyes looking into mine. I smiled with pure relief. "Okay, you may no longer think of Stefanie Scott, as single" I said loud enough for all of us hear.

"Ya!!" Everyone cheered. I'm guessing they've been waiting for this.

Martha stood up. "Now that you guys are together, I may go inside the pool"

I laughed and rolled my eyes. Martha jumped in beside Kenny.

"Have you and Kenny kissed yet?" Stefanie asked Martha as she put her hand on my chest.

We both turned our heads. Martha smirked. Kenny looked down at her and cupped her face. They kissed for the first time, and it made things seem different.

Benny grinned. He pulled me into a reassuring hug.

"We may be young, but I think we were meant to be" Stefanie said against my damp chest. Her hair stuck to her back, and I played with it.

I now have two things, that I love the most in my life.

Baseball and her.

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