Heroes Get Remembered


2. Chapter 2: Poolside

We headed down to the Sandlot. It was one scorching day.

I got my clothes on, a white tank top, and my dad's old jersey with 'SCOTT' on the back.

I had jeans on of course, and my P.F Flyers. I braided my hair again, and put my cap on. I walked downstairs and sat at the kitchen table. "Hey is Martha taking you to the Sandlot?"

"No.. Benny is"

"Oh that kid who walked you home yesterday? He's cute!"

"Ma! Stop!" I blushed and ate my breakfast.

She giggled. "Sorry, it's just, your thirteen sweety, you still have a long life, and we aren't going anywhere any time soon.. Benny might live in front of you until you guys are like, in your fortys"

"Uh Ma? I'll be outta the house by the time I'm twenty five"

She laughed. I sat there, waiting for Benny to show up.

I heard a knock on the door. I smiled. "Go have fun" my mom smiled.

"Go have fun where?" My dad said. "I'm gonna play baseball, see ya"

"Okay, nice jersey by the way"

I laughed. I opened the door. "Hey Benny, sorry for taking long.."

"Natta prob, it's fine" he gave me a smile.

I smiled back.

"I'll race you to the Sandlot"

"Yeah? You think you could win?"

I nodded. I pushed him playfully with my hip. He pushed me back slightly. I laughed.

"Ready, set, go!" We ran off down my street, and towards the corner. We were both tied, and when we finally reached the Sandlot, where we laughing, which made things worse.

"I... Can't *laughs* breathe" Benny said as he fell to the ground. I laughed and did the same.

"Your fun, ya know?"

I bit my lip. "You too Rodriguez"

He laughed. "I like your jersey"

I smiled. "It's my dad's"


You know, maybe after thi-" Benny was cut off. "Someone wanna explain?"

Martha stood over us, giving me a smirk.

I pulled her down. "Ah!" She screamed.

Martha's light chocolate skin glowed in the sunlight.

I was jealous the first day I met Martha. She was really pretty.

"So I was saying, I was thinking after this, we could maybe go for ice cream.. Or if you want, I'll meet you somewhere" he gave me the hint. Since Martha was right beside me, he didn't wanna tell her.

I nodded.

Martha got up, "okay, I think you two really need to date already"

I kicked her shin. "Ow!"

I snickered. "Asshole" she muttered as she kicked my arm. "OW! MARTHA!" I said. She laughed and ran off to.. Kenny?

Benny and I sat up from our spots and laughed. I dusted my jersey off, not wanting it to get dirty. "Oh yeah, that thing won't be clean when you get home"

I looked at him. "Why? Cause in baseball, dirts flyin' around?"

"No, cause ill do this!" Started tickling me, and I rolled onto the sand. My dad's jersey was dirty. "Benny! *laughs* stop it!!"

He finally stopped and stood up. He lifted me up. "Well, now it looks like you decided to dive in dirt"

I smacked his arm with my glove. "Shut up"

All the boys sat at the dugout. "Okay, it is way to hot to be playing a game today Benny"

"Yeah man, coke isn't even workin"

"Guys man up, you dorks" I smirked.

"Ugh" Ham wined. "I'm to hot!!"

"What? You gotta better Idea?" Benny crossed his arms.

Yeah-yeah started laughing in the creepiest way yet (you know the one).

"Uh, Yeah-Yeah? Watcha got?" Martha sassed. Kenny smirked as he.. Held her hand?

"Wait a sec, you guys??" I looked at Martha and Kenny.

Benny smirked. "Shut up Stef, now yeah-yeah, watcha got!" Martha repeated.

"SCAM SOME POOL HONEYS!" Yeah-yeah and squints yelled.

All the boys except Kenny, Benny, Martha and I screamed.

We all headed to our homes, and got ready for the pool.

I put on my bathing suit, a bikini. My bottoms rose up that covered my belly button, and my top was striped. The bottoms where white, and my top was black and white.

I pulled over my shorts and my jersey, grabbed my towel and sunblock, and headed to the pool.

I walked to the pool, and into the change room. Martha was in there, putting her hair in a pony tail.

"I think Benny's pervin' a dish"

I laughed. "Yeah, sure"

"Not this again, Stef he drooled over you when you hit that baseball with the bat! And now, he will drool over you in your damn bikini!"

I rolled my eyes. I fixed my hair and took off my jersey and my shorts.

I grabbed my towel and my sunblock, and walked out of the change room with Martha.

We scanned the pool for the boys. We saw a lot of splashing and knew it must be them.

I heard Benny's laugh, and Squints yells. I giggled as Martha and I started walking over. "Get ready, Benny's gonna eye rake you"

I slapped her arm lightly. The splashing and yells stopped. I looked at the boys. Squints had to fix his glasses, and everyone had there jaws dropped.

We may be thirteen, but this is just to funny. "Well looky here, my beautiful girlfriend is smokin" Kenny smirked. Martha smiled and rolled her eyes.

Benny as what Martha said, eye rakes me until I set down the towel. Martha and I laid down on our towels on the chairs and applied sunblock.

Okay, we thought the guys where looking away... But um, they didn't.

"Shit, they don't know what there doin" Ham said. "Oh, they know exactly what there doing" Benny said.

"Damn" I heard Kenny say.

"I know exactly what she's doing"

"Guys shut up!" I looked at them. "We can here you!"


"Exactly what she's doin" Benny whispered once more. Martha and I laid beside the pool. "So, you and Kenny huh?" I said to her. "Yeah, I guess"

"You guys are so cute together!"

She blushed. We watched the boys in the water.

"I mean, Stef.. Benny is pervin' a dish for ya"

I laughed. "Oh please, not true"

"Yes true, he was definalty not talking about me when he said 'she knows exactly what she's doin' I mean come on, are you clueless?"

"As much as I want to believe you, I can't. I came here for a reason. Martha, I wanna make big leagues one day!"

"Ugh, Stefanie! Benny was looking at you, and earlier today, when he was tickling you, his eyes sparkled."

I rolled my eyes. I wish I could believe her, cause I didn't see it. I didn't see his eyes sparkle, and I wish I would.

"Guys, come in the water with us" Benny said as he rested his arms on the edge of the pool. Martha smiled. "I don't know..."

I rolled my eyes. "Your such a girl" I said as I got up and walked over to the stairs. I walked into the pool, and swam towards the boys. Martha still sat there.

My hair fell out of my ponytail. I sighed and put the elastic on my wrist. I went underwater, and came back up to smooth my hair, since it was a watery mess.

Now I saw it. Benny looked into my eyes, and I noticed, from far, they are dark and determined, but from up close, they are soft and welcoming.

Martha snickered, knowing that she made a point.

"Kiss already!" Ham said truly annoyed. Benny put his hand on my waist and cupped my cheek.

No, this can't be happening. His warm eyes scanned mine, as he leaned in.

"If I had my polaroid, I'd take a pic of this" Martha said.

Benny's chest was really close. I felt the water drip down my face, as he came closer. His hair was one adorable mess.

Finally, the space between us closed as our lips touched. He kissed me with a passion, that I thought I never would receive from him.

"Yes!" The boys including Martha yelled.

We pulled away, and looked into each other's eyes. "I didn't mean to-"

I cut him off as I gave him one last kiss. I had one hand on his chest, and I felt his heartbeat beat faster.

Martha was right.

He was pervin' a dish, and I was too.

"Your gorgeous" he whispered.

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