return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


11. romantic kiss

scottie i call yes colton she says looking up from doodling in her art book she quickly shuts it and pulls me to her and she kisses me i kiss her back the feel of her sweet warm lips the taste of her strawberry lipgloss  makes me fell loved. we gaze into eachothers eyes and make out on her bed then as our hands inter twin under our shirts i pull back traceing a unkown scar on her side she contenues to kiss my neck i push her away scottie... i say concerd whats wrong colton she says am i rushing you she asks with wide scared eyes no i laugh whats this scar i never seen it before i say. well come with me the house isnt safe to discuss stuff she says and smiels she stands up and motens with her hand for me to follow her. i do ceriously while scanneing my brain why the house isnt safe to discuss this. so i follow her to the feild behind her house to the barn and we sit in the hay. why here scottie i ask. because its more safer and romantic she smiels yet again that sweet dimple always makes me smiel. then she looks up and points to the shelf above us. remeber that  day when we were 9 and my family had a party at my houe and we somehow excaped here and sat on the shelf. she asks her gaze in awe and memory yes i say well i fell when you tred to kiss me i scratched my side and thats how my scare was. she said ya but i caught you. i say yes but i hurt myself why did you lie and say you were ok i ask i didnt want to worry you she said to me her gaze on me we tightly held hands as we looked up at the ceiling for a long moment retracing the funny shit we did.  come to think of it i say breaking the awkward silence... i kinda was prepared for that day when i saw you at yourew house with youre beautiful green dress with red lace youre grand mum made you for the party. ya and iris  with her gold white lace dress scottie points out with hummer and jellousy. ya but you were allways pretter than iris i point out searching her beautiful eyes no she was her saphiere eyes and co co hair and fragile skin i would nerver be as beautiful  as iris. she says and kisses me. we decide to go back inside before her parents come home from there errands. 

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