return fourteen

when colton steel was 6 he ran away from home and now ...8 years later he comes back. and shoucks the whole town...


6. gerealds descovery

i go into gerealds room watchin him sleep. and gereald wakes up because of my white light that reflects my body of a angel goust. ''huh.. whats that...'' gereald says lookin around confused and tierd. he sits up looks at me. "colton?'' he says cocking his head looking at me crazy....  "why are you glowing..." he asks. "im a goust '' i say trying to stay calm. "they killed you!" he says "i killed myself i.. couldnt face living without you mom dad and patrick... any longer.'' i say shaking my head. "oh'' he says. "ya my testimony thing is comming up through and i got to testify..'' i say. ''so youre dead like .. a angel." he says i nod. so i can see gousts he says yes i reply cool. he says but maybe not so cool... cause youll get annoyed. i tell him. no i wont he exclaims. i bet. i say. and ruffle his hair. i got go little bro i say and disapear back to heaven. 

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