Rubber Band

“We are all like rubber bands; Everyone is flexible, but there comes a point where we can no longer snap back into place, and we break.” That’s exactly what happened. I stretched myself too far and couldn’t recover. I no longer had the flexibility, the elasticity of a rubber band. I was no longer myself. I was no longer anyone. I simply did not exist anymore. I had snapped. **Don't even think about taking my story** H.S


9. Chapter 8

“I am so pumped for this concert, it’s going to be so much fun!” Bricia cheered.

It was 6:30 and we were waiting to be picked up by the limo to head to the concert. The guys, Bricia, and I all sat in the living room waiting. Bricia helped me pick out my outfit, a teal crop top with a purple heart on it with some white fringed shorts, and a pair of matching purple pumps. She on the other hand wore a flowery top a pair of faded jeans and some sandals. I decided to curl my hair while she settled for straight with a little braid on the side. I had made Shane promise not to invite friends over or have any wild parties. After I asked that of him I went to the girl’s room and made them promise they would spy on Shane and make sure he was staying out of trouble. They took this too seriously and were currently scooting around on the ground and peering around corners watching Shane and Jeff’s every move.

When the limo arrived I called out goodbyes to the others and happily closed the door behind me. I hadn’t been out in so long. I pretty much never go out with friends anymore. I’m mostly spending my time looking after the younger ones.

The driver got out and opened the door of the Black Escalade Limo for us. Liam and Zayn hoped in first and then Niall helped Bricia in. I looked at harry and said “Don’t you think this is a bit much?”

“Well, yeah, but it’s a special occasion. A lot of people arrive at concerts in Limo’s. You should see some of the fans we have. One time someone arrived in a helicopter just to get our attention, and it worked too. It’s not a big deal” he explained helping me into the vehicle.

“Not a big deal? Your joking right?” I asked astonished. The inside of the limo was incredible. I had never been inside one before so I wasn’t prepared for the flashing lights and mini bar along with a wall of seats on both sides of the car. This was incredible. It’s amazing how people can design these things and come up with an idea like this.

I climbed into the limo and sat down next to Bricia with Harry on my other side.

“Champagne anyone?” Louis called out.

“Lou, we can’t drink, you know that” said Liam pulling the bottle away from him.

“Maybe you can’t, but I can” Louis winked at me and snatched the bottle back from Liam.

“Zayn? You up for some?” he called.

“Yeah sure mate” Zayn took a glass from Louis and gulped it down.

“More?” Louis laughed.

“Please” replied Zayn.

Harry reached over me to the bar and grabbed a large glass of white wine and some glasses.

“Harry, you can’t drink, you’re not old enough.” Liam said in his fatherly tone.

“Liam, take a chill pill and relax dude. No one is going to know, besides it’s not like I plan to walk around completely wasted.” Harry poured a glass out and handed it to me. I took it without looking at Liam and gulped it down in one go.

“At the pace she’s going you will be wasted” Niall laughed pointing at me. I smirked, as harry poured more into my glass.

“How about a toast?” Louis called out when everyone, including Liam, hand a glass in their hand. “To Melissa for her wonderful hospitality” He winked in my direction.

“To Melissa” they all chorused and drank.

We had arrived at the venue and were awaiting entry to our private box up top. Once in safely, we were told that Ed was finishing up back stage and we were to follow the guard back there to see him. However, before I could leave the room Harry pulled my arm and dragged me into the little bathroom in our box. I gasped as he crashed his lips onto mine and kissed me. I kissed back and soon enough harry was trying to take his and my clothes off.

“No” I chuckled pushing him away. “I want to meet Ed Sheeran, and I will not let you and your sexual frustrations stop me” I grabbed the door handle and pulled but it wouldn’t budge. Harry hand his hand against the door and was holding it shut.

“I’m not done with you yet” he smirked.

“Yeah well I'm done with you” I pushed him playfully. He caught my wrists and pulled me to him. I looked into his eyes and couldn’t help myself as I stood on my tiptoes and kissed him.

Even in heels I had to reach to kiss him. He craned his neck down and pushed me against the door with a thud. Yet again he started to take my clothes off.

“I am not having sex with you in a bathroom Harry. At least not the first time” I winked when I pulled away. He was so dumbfounded that I was able to slip out of the door before he could stop me.

“C’mon, can we just go see Ed?” I begged.

“Fine, but we aren’t done with this conversation” he slapped my butt and strolled out of the room. ‘What a payer’ I thought before following after him. Catching up to him I slipped my hand in his and we strolled to the backstage area.

He smiled at me and soon enough we walked up the stairs and through the dressing room door to see everyone standing around a tall man with a mop of wavy ginger hair.

“Harry! Mate so good to see you!” He said walking over and hugging Harry.

“And who is this this fellow ginger?” He said turning to look me up and down.

“This is Melissa my-uh, friend” Harry said awkwardly.

“It’s nice to meet you Melissa, I’m Ed” He shook my hand.

“Wow, I’m surprised you haven’t fainted yet Melissa” laughed Niall. My face burned crimson.

“Now Niall, just because she likes me better than you doesn’t mean you have to embarrass her” Ed winked at me.

Niall laughed and came up to me giving me a bone crushing hug. “Oh I didn’t mean it like that love” he squeezed.

“You’re hurting her” Harry pushed Niall off me and pulled me to his side, examining me up and down.

“I’m fine Harry” I insisted. “It was just a hug” I whispered for only him to hear.

We ended up hanging out backstage for at least an hour before Liam spoke up. “Well, we would love to stay, however I’m sure you need to get ready to go on stage.” Liam said giving Ed a bro hug and leading the way out. Everyone said their goodbyes and soon it was Harry and I’s turn.

“Come back after the show mate, and bring this beautiful girl with you too” Ed gave me hug and kissed my cheek when we pulled away.

Harry and I followed the others out to our seats, the arena was filling up as we walked back.

Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed it. “Are you ready for this?” He asked and I nodded. He slipped on some sun glasses and ducked his head down. He pulled me out into the busy crowd of fan girls and we walked quickly back to our suite.

“Is that Harry Styles?” I heard.

“I think I just say Liam Payne”

“OMG Is that One Direction?”

Harry looked at me and we started to run.

I could hear a faint ringing in my ears as one by one girls started to recognize Harry and run after us. It was really difficult to run in heels but luckily I had Harry to steady me. We ran up the steps to the suite and the guard opened the door for us. Once in the suite I was able to catch my breath as Harry explained what happened. I collapsed on the sofa next to Bricia and thanked god that we didn’t get trampled.

The door to the suite opened and I caught a glimpse of a bunch of screaming girls before it was quickly shut.

“We have a problem” Said the man. He was tall and rather generously built. “It seems as word has spread that you are in the building, and some of your fans saw Harry enter this room. We are trying to control the situation but we would suggest you don’t leave the suite for your own safety.”

“We understand. Thanks man” Zayn said shaking his hand. The man left the room and as the door opened the screams grew louder.

“Great, now were going to die in here” Bricia said looking panicked. “I can’t die in here, I was supposed to get married, have two kids, and live in a mansion. Then I was supposed to grow old with Melissa and have out kids get married to each other and live happily ever after, but now that’s not going to happen!” She exclaimed.

“Bricia, breathe. You’re turning blue. We’re not going to die in here, you will get married and have kids and live in a mansion. We will grow old together, and we will force our kids to marry each other. Just breath and you’ll be fine. He said we can’t leave right now. After the concert is over everything will be okay.” I rubbed her back soothingly.

“Promise?” she asked holding her pinky finger up

“I promise” I curled my pinky around hers.

“You two are so weird” Liam said shaking his head.

Niall laughed at us and came over to sit next to Bri.

Harry walked over and held his hand out to me. I took it and he pulled me to my feet. We stood there chest to chest before he turned and dragged me to the balcony. He sat down and I made to sit next to him until he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap.

“Well, this is very forward” I laughed.

“You know, speaking of forward, I wanted to talk to you about something.” He gripped my hand and played with my fingers. I looked at his face and waited. “I kind of really like you, and I want everyone to know that.” He looked me in the eyes.

‘This just got so real, so fast’ I thought. I didn’t know what to say. What do you say to the guy that you just met, when he tells you he likes you after two days?

“I-I’m sorry” I said getting up. “Don’t you think that’s a bit soon? I mean, we’ve known each other for two days, matter of fact, we barely know each other.”

“I feel like I know you” He looked at his feet.

“Just because you feel like you know me doesn’t mean you actually do” I snapped.

“Your right” He said getting up. “I’m going for a walk, I’ll see you later” with that he left to balcony and stormed out of the suite slamming the door behind him.

“What just happened?” asked Zayn.

‘That’s a good question’ I thought as I sunk down into the seat Harry had occupied just a minute ago.

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