Rubber Band

“We are all like rubber bands; Everyone is flexible, but there comes a point where we can no longer snap back into place, and we break.” That’s exactly what happened. I stretched myself too far and couldn’t recover. I no longer had the flexibility, the elasticity of a rubber band. I was no longer myself. I was no longer anyone. I simply did not exist anymore. I had snapped. **Don't even think about taking my story** H.S


6. Chapter 5

The next morning I awoke to my alarm going off. I opened one eye, 6:00, then I shut it off. ‘I’ll get up in two minutes’ I promised myself shortly before closing my eyes and falling back asleep. The next time it went off it was 6:30 and I was supposed to be getting ready to drive everyone to school.

“Mother fucker!” I said while sitting straight up. I felt something laugh next to me. Or should I say someone. I looked to my right and saw to my horror a half-naked man smiling up at me.

“Fucking Christ!” I yelled. I attempted to jump out of bed but ended up getting tangled in the sheets and falling on my ass.

“Shit are you okay?” Harry laughed and leaned over the edge of the bed to look at me.

“I’m fine, you just scared me that’s all.” I said getting up. Now my butt hurts.

“You’re really cute when you’re asleep. Especially when you snore” he said smiling.

“Thanks that—wait, excuse you sir, but I do not snore. You, however, sound like a fucking motorcycle.” I turned away as he laughed. I don’t snore…do I?

Embarrassed about being in short shorts and a tank top in front of him, I grab an old sweat shirt of Alex’s and slipping it on.

Ignoring harry completely I marched downstairs to the kitchen.

“Good morning sleeping beauty” said Chelsea with a knowing smile.

“It’s about time you woke up” said Shane.

They were all sitting at the table eating cereal, already dressed and ready to go.

“Well this is a first. You’re all awake and dressed before me” I said pleasantly surprised.

“Unlike others in this room, we shudder to think of being late to school, we are not slackers, you know.” Nicole said. I about smacked the smirk off her face.

“Fine then, since you aren’t slackers, I guess you slackers can make it to the bus stop in five minutes since you will be riding it today.” I replied.

“Oh c’mon that’s not funny” Jeff whined.

“Yeah it’s not fair, I still need to brush my teeth” said Shane defensively.

“We both know you never brush your teeth Shane. And it’s totally fair. I’m tired so I’m going back to sleep. Oh, and if I hear that your late for school, and I WILL hear, you will be grounded for a week.” With that I slumbered out of the kitchen.

I heard them groan, get their backpacks, and leave slamming the door behind them. I laughed to myself and made my way to the theatre room.

Sure enough there were four guys sleeping where I had left them last night. I shut the door and went back up stairs. When I got to my room I noticed that Harry had fallen back to sleep. I climbed onto the bed and under the covers. Harry opened his eyes and motioned for me to come closer. I slid over into his arms and put my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

After a few minute I could feel myself slipping.

“I don’t fucking snore” I mumbled, and harry laughed as the darkness drifted over me.




I was walking through the woods. It was absolutely beautiful. The birds were out, squirrels were running from tree to tree, the deer were drinking water by a river that was flowing on by. I could feel someone watching me, though it wasn’t a bad feeling. I knew who it was. My dad stood up ahead, holding my mom’s hand and looking down the steep hill towards me.

“Dad! Mom!” I yelled. I started to run up the hill, but with every step I took I seemed to be getting farther and farther away, and the hill steeper and steeper. I was panting, I couldn’t breathe and I didn’t have my inhaler. I slowed to a stop and slid down a few feet. I looked up at my parents and they looked disappointed, mad even. I raised my hand to wave to them, but the turned around and walked away.

“Wait!!” I yelled. They had to help me. I was so close, they had to come back.

“Don’t snap Melissa” said a voice behind me.

I turned around and saw that the forest was dead. Everything was black and cold, and the voice coming out of the deer was just as chilling.

“You’re a rubber band, don’t snap” it repeated. Then right before my eyes it turned into a man.

A tall dark and handsome man with curly brown hair, a killer smile, and two dimples that looked like a Greek god had chiseled them out. He was mesmerizing, yet terrifying.

“Wake up” he said “Wake up beautiful, aren’t you hungry?”

Why would I be hungry? What did her mean by don’t’ snap?

“Harry, help me. My parents, harry” I said pointing up at the hill.

“Oh baby, it’s okay. They won’t come back. I’m here though, that’s all the matters.” He moved in close and hugged me. I looked up at his eyes. I don’t remember them being that dark.

He leaned down to kiss me and I let him. This time it wasn’t just a kiss, it was passionate yet full with lust and anger. It immediately got heated as he pushed me against a tree and dug his fingers into my waist. It felt so good, yet it also kind of hurt. He moved from my lips, to my jaw line, to my neck. I tilted my head to the right and he started to suck and nip my skin. I moaned at the pleasure coursing through my body.

“Oh harry” I moaned. I could feel him smirk as his hand went lower and lower. I couldn’t contain it, it was going to happen and he barely did anything. ‘Hold it in Melissa, hold it in’ I thought, but I couldn’t help it. I could feel myself drip down my leg and Harry laughed. He pulled back and smiled.

“Wake up beautiful” he whispered.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Wake up” he said more clearly.

My eyes flashed open. I was lying in bed, breathing deeply, and throbbing between my legs.

“Were you dreaming about me beautiful?” Harry asked from next to me. I turned my head and sat up. Sure enough, I was more than damp downstairs.

“Fuck” I said blushing.

“Did I just walk in on you having a sex dream about me?” he smirked.

I punched him in the arm and said “get out” while hiding my face.

He just laughed. “Oh come on I won’t tell anyone, it’ll be our little secret” he winked. Again I punched him, and he laughed.

“Breakfast is ready, clean yourself up and come downstairs” he laughed.

“Don’t tell me what to do” I muttered and pulled the sheets up around myself.

He left the loft laughing. I quickly jumped out of bed and hopped into the shower super quick. ‘I can’t believe that just happened’ I thought. It was my first ‘wet dream’, and it was about Harry fucking Styles. What the hell was happening to me?

I got out of the shower, put some clean clothes on, towel dried my hair, and walked downstairs.

When I walked into the kitchen, sure enough, there was a ton of pancakes, bacon, and hash browns on the counter awaiting my stomach. All the boys were sitting at the table eating and talking about some football game while I got my plate. I took a seat in between Liam and Niall. Harry was watching me from across the table. He winked when he caught my eye.

“Want something to drink Melissa? Coffee? Orange Juice?” he asked.

“Um a little of both please” I said avoiding his eyes.

He got up and poured some out for me and set it right in front of me while making a point to rub up against my backside and touching me as much as possible.

I flinched and muttered a “Thanks.”

“So what’s on the agenda for today gang?” asked Louis.

“Ed’s concert is today, remember? We promised we would show up.” Said Liam not looking up from his phone.

“Who’s Ed?” I asked.

“Ed Sheeran” Zayn replied.

“WHAT?” I spat out some hash browns.

“Ed Sheeran” Liam said slowly staring at me. “We have backstage passes, he’s a good mate of ours.”

“Ugh lucky” I scoffed. “I fucking love Ed Sheeran. He’s my ginger soul mate.”

Everyone but Harry and Liam laughed. “Well, do you want to go?” Harry asked. This time I did choke.

“Your joking right?” I asked astonished.

“No. not at all.” He replied.

“Um…fuck yes!” I squealed.

“Okay then it’s settled. The concert is at 8:00” Said Liam.

“Wait, can I bring my friend Bricia? She loves him too. Please?” I begged. The guys looked at each other and shrugged.

“Yeah I guess that’s cool” said harry smiling.

“Shweet! I’m going to go call her” I said running up stairs to get my phone. I scooped up my phone and pressed her speed dial, number four.

“Bricia, you are never going to guess what just happened!” I said excitedly.

I began to tell her about everything and when we got to the concert part she screamed louder than I ever heard anything come out of her.

This was going to be a good ass day.

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