Rubber Band

“We are all like rubber bands; Everyone is flexible, but there comes a point where we can no longer snap back into place, and we break.” That’s exactly what happened. I stretched myself too far and couldn’t recover. I no longer had the flexibility, the elasticity of a rubber band. I was no longer myself. I was no longer anyone. I simply did not exist anymore. I had snapped. **Don't even think about taking my story** H.S


5. Chapter 4

“Can you believe it? Look who it is!” shouted Chelsea.

“Um yeah, I see that. Would you excuse me while I go get my clothes on?” I said backing up.

My face was growing even redder as I stumbled up the stairs, while clutching the towel tight against myself. Once up the stairs I sprinted to my room. This has got to be a dream. A horrible nightmare that I’m going to wake up from any moment now. Pacing around my room I pinched my arm, only to realize, it was all real. So I got back into the shower, rinsed my hair out really quick, and then jumped out, dried off, and put on some clothes. I’ll admit that I applied a little bit of mascara and lip gloss before I went down.

As I crept down the stairs I heard voices coming from the kitchen; male voices. Five pairs of voices, one of them Irish, the rest all British. I stood just outside of the door frame to the kitchen. Nicole was gushing over one of the many boys and Chelsea was chatting animatedly with the blonde.

‘What the hell is going on?’ I thought. One Direction in my kitchen? This can’t be happening.

This is some kind of joke.

Taking a deep breath I walked around the corner and into the kitchen. Immediately seven pairs of eyes shot in my direction.

“Um hello” I said shyly.

“There she is, boys this is our older sister Melissa” said Chelsea smiling broadly.

“Hey” they all said.

“Hi” I said again.

“Well, this is awkward” Nicole rolled her eyes. “The boys were just telling us that their bus broke down and the repair man said it would take a while to fix” She began.

“Yeah and they need a place to stay, don’t you boys” Chelsea added with an adoring look at the closest boy, which happened to be Louis.

“Well we don’t really need a place to stay we can call a cab and just get a hotel, but Harry here had to use the bathroom and we knocked on your neighbors doors but they either weren’t home or didn’t want to help out.” said the one next to me. It was Liam, and he was even more attractive in person.

“In fact here comes Harry now so we will just be on our way out” said Louis.

“No! I mean, no…stay a while won’t you? Who wants to stay a whole day at some boring hotel when you can stay here and hang with us?” Nicole said.

Harry just entered the room behind me. He was super tall and smelled really good. He looked down at me and we locked eyes.

“She’s got a point lads, it won’t hurt to hang out here for a bit” he said looking over to Liam then back to me.

“I mean it’s really not our choice. Melissa, is it?” Zayn smiled and I nodded. “Are your parents alright with us hanging here for the night?”

The room got real quiet. The twins looked at each other, then at me. Admittedly they took the loss of our parents a lot better than I had considering they were so young and didn’t remember much of them. To the twins I was really the only parent figure they’ve ever had.

“Yeah” I said quietly. “They won’t mind.” I looked at the ground. Stay strong Melissa, stay strong and don’t cry. I subconsciously pulled at the rubber band around my wrist. It was the same one I had been wearing since my mother’s death. I never took it off, no matter what.

“Well, then it’s settled. C’mon Niall, Zayn, I’ll challenge you to a game of pool” Nicole said quickly.

The three went off downstairs and to the game room. Chelsea soon dragged Louis off to the x-box station.

“Can I get you something to drink? Are you hungry?” I asked the two remaining boys.

“Just a water please” said Liam. And I grabbed a water bottle from the pantry.

“I don’t suppose you have any beer do you?” harry smiled.

“I do actually” I said and I grabbed two out of the fridge. I popped them open, handed one to Harry and took a sip out of the other.

“You hardly look old enough to drink” he said eyeing me.

“I’m not, but I’m trusting you enough not to call the police on me” I smiled. “Besides, how do I know that you’re even old enough? What are you, nineteen?” I joked.

“Twenty actually” he said looking away. Was it just me or was he blushing a bit?

“My point exactly.” I took another long sip. Beer really wasn’t my thing. It was too bitter for me, but I kept it in the house in case Alex and his friends dropped by.

Liam slunk off to the game room downstairs and it was just Harry and I.

“So I feel like I’ve seen you before” he said eyeing my face.

“You have” I said. This was super awkward. How was I supposed to tell him that my co-workers and I were checking him out earlier?

“Hmm” he said thinking. “We didn’t date, did we?”

“Wh-what? No! Of course not” I exclaimed spilling some beer down my shirt.

“I’m only joking” he said laughing. “I saw you at Dairy King this morning right?”

I smiled, “Yeah. I-uh work there. Part time. It’s really more of a hobby. You got a small Chocolate cookie dough with Oreo” I said recalling the order.

“That’s right” he smiled. “It was really good by the way. You really got that Dairy King technique down” he smiled showing me two dimples. Good lord was he attractive. Especially when he smiled like that. Like he was taunting me with something he knew that I didn’t.

I laughed at this comment “I try to at least. You’d be surprised how picky some people are.”

“Believe me, I have an idea. I used to work in a bakery before all the singing and what not. People would complain if the bread wasn’t fully cooked or was too cooked. Drove me up the wall” he rolled his eyes and I laughed. He was funny and strangely normal for being a famous pop star.

The phone started to ring and I left the kitchen to answer it in the office area. It was just Alex calling to say that he wouldn’t be home for another week at least. No surprise there.

I hung up and reentered the kitchen only to find it empty. I walked through to the family room and saw Harry looking at a bunch of photos on the never used fire place.

“That’s my dad” I said as I watched he place a photo back down. “He died five years ago from cancer. Two years after that my mother killed herself.”

The room went silent. “I’m so sorry for your loss” he said turning to face me. I shrugged, and attempted a smile. “It was definitely hard. I had to become an adult at fifteen. I have an older brother but he didn’t stick around much after that. Of course I don’t blame him. I was a mess.” I chuckled at the memory. I was always so weak and vulnerable. Then again, I was only a kid.

“I’m really sorry” Harry moved closer and hugged me. It was unexpected, but nice. Really nice. I hesitated then wrapped my arms around his torso. He smelled like heaven. I could hear his heart beat as I rested my head on his chest. A tear dripped down my cheek and I said “Don’t make me cry” with a little chuckle.

“Sorry” he said dropping his arms instantly.

“I said don’t make me cry, not stop hugging me” I mumbled. He heard and started to laugh as he reached out again. Once again I was in his embrace and just as quickly as it had happened, it was over. Niall, Zayn, and Nicole walked into the room laughing.

“Uh oh” said Nial with a smirk. “This is slightly awkward.”

Liam, Louis and Chelsea walked in at that moment too. “Dang Hazza I knew you were good but I didn’t think you were this good” said Louis with a wink our way.

I took another step back from Harry. “It wasn’t like that” I muttered.

“Can we order pizza? Niall is hungry” asked Nicole.

“Um it’s not just me...” Niall looked at his shoes.

“Yeah of course” Change of subject, perfect.

I walked into the kitchen and riffled through the take out drawer by the fridge. I found a Patty’s Pizza menu and turned to the others who had filed in behind me. I got all the orders, two cheese pizza’s two pepperoni, and a cheese with pineapple and sausage on it for Niall and me.

I knew my boys would be home soon. It was nearing six o’clock and practice ended after 5:30.
Sure enough about fifteen minutes later, Shane and Jeff walked through the door followed by the pizza guy. As I went to pay the pizza guy Liam rushed over and slapped my hand out of the way.

“It’s on me, you’ve done enough for us” he smiled.

“Really its fine I can afford some pizzas” I insisted pushing his hand out of the way.

“No. I want to pay, and I’m going to pa. Period” he said grabbing my wrist and holding the money out to the pizza guy who looked astonished. “Keep the rest” he said smiling at the pizza man. I looked and noticed that Liam had given the guy $100. My eyes widened in shock. Liam gave me two pizzas and he took the rest and I followed him into back into the kitchen. I set the pizzas down on the counter and saw Jeff and Shane cracking jokes with the other boys, while the twins looked disgruntled that they lost the spotlight.

After pizza we all agreed to watch some movies and we hunkered down in the home theatre. Take a wild guess at who sat next to me. That’s right, Harry fucking Styles. Around 9:30 I sent the younger kids to bed since it was a school night, while the rest of us finished our movie marathon. It was midnight when I realized that everyone was asleep except Harry and I. I quietly turned off the TV and went to go get some pillows and blankets. Without waking them I draped blankets over the four sleeping figures and laid some pillows near their heads. Harry watched me the whole time. When I finished I started up stairs and he followed me. I went all the way up to my room with him on my heels. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t tell if it was the alcohol in my system, I had more than three beers that night, or just adrenaline and lust. I opened the loft door, walked a few paces before hearing the door shut behind me softly, and then I felt his large hands encircle my wrist as he turned me around and pulled me to him.

My hands rested on his toned chest as I looked up into his eyes and him down into mine. It was going to happen. Something had to happen. My eye flittered between his and his lips. He leaned in, and then so did I. it happened all at once. The moment our lips met the butterflies escaped and fireworks went off. I was immediately dizzy and I clung to his shirt as his arms wrapped around my waist, holding me to him. Our lips moved in sync and soon enough I felt his tongue gliding along my bottom lip.

Instead of caving in I decided to play hard to get. I kept on kissing him and denying his access until he reached down and pinched my butt making me gasp, leaving him to slip his tongue in. immediately he started to explore my mouth. My hands moved from his chest to his neck, and were soon entwined in his hair. His hands traveled down my back and cupped my thighs, lifting me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. Next thing I knew I was laying on my bed, him straddling me, still kissing me like there was no tomorrow. My mind raced with happiness. I knew better than to go all the way with him considering I just met him, but I didn’t mind making out with him. As if he read my thoughts he pulled away for air. We were both breathing deeply, and his breath smelled of beer and peppermint, a weird yet satisfying combination. I smiled and so did he.

“I’ve wanted to do that all night” he said. I leaned up to give him a brief kiss. He moved so that he was lying next to me, and wrapped his arms around my waist while nuzzling his face into my neck.

I laughed at the ticklish feeling of his breath. It was very calming listening to him breath. After a while his breathing got slower and deeper and I knew he was asleep even though his grip on me didn’t falter in the least bit. Not that I minded though. That night was the first night in a long time that I fell asleep with a smile on my face. It was the first time since my parents died that I was truly happy.

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