Rubber Band

“We are all like rubber bands; Everyone is flexible, but there comes a point where we can no longer snap back into place, and we break.” That’s exactly what happened. I stretched myself too far and couldn’t recover. I no longer had the flexibility, the elasticity of a rubber band. I was no longer myself. I was no longer anyone. I simply did not exist anymore. I had snapped. **Don't even think about taking my story** H.S


3. Chapter 2

I awoke several hours later to the beeping of my alarm. I could hear the rumble of the garbage trucks roaming the streets outside. The sunlight streaming through my closed curtains was taunting me. Another day, that’s all it was. I could make this one a good one, I just had to stay positive. I rolled myself off the bed and stretched. I was soon able to open my eyes all the way.

I got up and started my daily routine of getting ready for work. I went to the bathroom and attempted to take a quick shower. When I got out I dried myself off, checked my appearance in the mirror, cringed, brushed my hair and teeth, stubbed my toe on the door frame, hopped around on one foot swearing only to step on a decent size of cat puke left from my dear Cheeto, and swore even louder. However, I was going to stay positive.

Once I calmed down enough to slide some black khakis pants on, I slipped on a sports bra and my Dairy King uniform. I then descended the many stairs to the kitchen. Now I’m not going to lie, I don’t need to work. You see my parents came from a wealthy background, and were smart enough to save money throughout their life. Around when I was five we moved to a rather wealthy neighborhood. I used to think of it as a castle and I was the princess. Our relatives send in pretty decent checks for our “well-being” every month. Personally I think it’s so that they don’t have to deal with us personally. If they send checks then they don’t feel as bad when they don’t come to visit. On top of that money, we inherited all of my parent’s belongings. They were able to save a good amount before everything went to shit. So technically I don’t have to work, but I guess it just makes me feel like a better person if I do. Almost as if I’m normal, even though I know that I’m not.

I grabbed a bowl out of the cupboards and poured a generous amount of cocoa puffs into it. Cocoa puffs were honestly my favorite cereal. For my sixteenth birthday Jeff, Shane, Nicole, and Chelsea all pooled their money together and bought fifty boxes of cocoa puffs for me. Talk about sweet sixteen.

Turning the TV in the kitchen on I flipped to TMZ. The latest news about Taylor Swift and her new man was on full blast. Apparently she’s already started writing a song about him. Next they switched to a picture of a guy and a girl caught in a very close embrace, captioned ‘Harry Styles and his mystery babe’.

“How lovely” I said to myself. I turned the TV off, grabbed my keys, and walked out the door.
I got into the ford and sped off down the street. The new song by Beyoncé was playing and I turned it up. I fricken love Beyoncé; I think she’s perfect.

About 15 minutes later I pulled into the parking lot of dairy king. Once I parked I grabbed my not-so chic DK hat and put my hair into a bun.

As I walked through the glass door I saw my friend Ashley. She was one of the many managers at the store. When I first started she was always the nicest to me. I didn’t like people to know about my family’s financial situation but Ashley knew.

Ashley was the funniest person I knew. She was also sometimes the dumbest. How she got to be a manager is beyond me.

“Hey girl!” she shouted. Heads turned my way and I felt a slight blush in my face.

“Hey booboo” I said back. “What’s going on?” I asked.

She finished up taking an order and turned to me. “Oh the usual, people are rude, I want to jump off a bridge, broke another nail in the blizzard machine. Same old same old.”

I laughed. I totally knew what she was talking about. We liked to get our nails done together but every time we do, they last about three days before they break off at work. I started to take orders with her and soon the whole store was empty.

“I swear to you one of these days I’m going to quit” she said.

Ashley said this a lot. When someone was rude to her or it was just extremely boring she would threaten to quit.

“You literally always say that” said Jillian while walking into the store with Matt and Kate following close behind her.

“Yeah well one of these days it’s going to happen. I promise.”

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a sprayer and towel. I made my way around the counter to spray off the tables in the lobby. Unlike the others I liked cleaning. It got me away from the cash register and people in general so I didn’t mind being on cleaning duty.

“Wait can you mop the men’s bathroom? Some little fucker didn’t aim too well” said Matt, crinkling his nose.

“Why can’t you? You’re the guy” said Ashley.

“Um because it’s fucking nasty in there number one; and number two because some customers just walked in and I’m doing register as of now. So will you Mel?” Matt looked at me pleadingly.

“Yeah” I chuckled. Bathrooms were the one thing I didn’t like to clean for the obvious reasons of pee, and shit, and germs. It was all around disgusting.

Kate passed me the mop bucket and I rolled off to the men’s room. The moment I opened the door I was hit by the smell of death. I started to cough and backed away.

“Oh god” I choked “I can’t do it. It’s too much for me. I think im dieing.” I pretended to faint.

“Oh shut up and get in there said Matt while tossing me some air freshener. Catching it, I gave him a dirty look and walked back into the bathroom.

About ten minutes later I emerged, sweaty and feeling slightly dizzy. I looked up from the tiles to find a line going out the door. I carefully rolled the mop bucket over to the storage closet behind the counter, washed my hands and started to help the others make the orders.

“Small double chocolate cookie dough with Oreo?” I called out. No one answered. “Going once, going twice” I said.

“Over here” said a husky voice. I turned my head to the left and saw a guy of about twenty smiling at me.

‘Oh good lord’ I thought. ‘I must be dreaming.’

There in front of my eyes stood none other, than Harry Styles.

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