Rubber Band

“We are all like rubber bands; Everyone is flexible, but there comes a point where we can no longer snap back into place, and we break.” That’s exactly what happened. I stretched myself too far and couldn’t recover. I no longer had the flexibility, the elasticity of a rubber band. I was no longer myself. I was no longer anyone. I simply did not exist anymore. I had snapped. **Don't even think about taking my story** H.S


18. Chapter 16

Another week slowly passed by. I got call after call, text after text, from Harry. I ignored them all. I didn’t know what to say to him. I did my best to hide my pain from the others. Niall would call me occasionally, tell me how he missed us. How he missed Bricia. Liam and the other boys sent me a text every once in a while. After about five days of me ignoring harry, Louis started to ask me what was wrong, which in turn made me ignore him too.

Shane was getting Chemo and was scheduled to have surgery tonight. I was extremely nervous. What if something went wrong? What if they can’t help him? What if he…

I stopped thinking. I can’t think like this. Shane will be alright, he’ll make it through. He’s strong.

The other kids were at the house with Alex and Lindsay. They had stopped by earlier this morning, but I sent them home before the surgery. Shane was reading some comic books currently while we waited for the doctor to prep.
Just then the door opened and I looked up, standing there was none other than One Direction. I caught Harry’s eye, he was grinning.

“Surprise!” they cheered. I turned away, back to my laptop. Footsteps approached as Shane was greeted by the other four. Harry stepped up to me and kneeled down to my level.

“Can we talk?” he whispered. I glanced up from my laptop. I had been reading another article about harry going on yet another date. I closed my laptop, stood up and walked out of the room, Harry following behind me. I spun around and looked in his eyes. They were pleading.

“Why haven’t you been answering my calls or texts?”

“Been busy” I said shortly.

“Don’t give me that bullshit. What’s wrong, what did I do?” he reached for my hand but I pulled it away.

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters, you matter to me, a lot.”

“Yeah, well you kind of don’t mean anything to me. You’re just some pop star who thought he could weasel his way into my life and fuck everything up. But I’m not going to let you. I deserve better than you. I deserve someone who actually cares. Someone who doesn’t run off with the nearest skank.” His face dropped.

“Yeah, that’s right, I know all about the models you’ve been taking out. Did you really think I wouldn’t notice? All the tabloids have pictures of you kissing different girls. How did you expect me to feel when I found out?”

“I-I didn’t think-”

“That’s exactly right. You didn’t think. I’m done with you. I’m done with this. My life is fucked up enough already.”

“Are you kidding me? Yeah, I kissed a few girls, but what does that have to do anything with us?”

I was astonished. “Are YOU kidding ME?” I rolled my eyes. “You leave me some shitty little note saying you love me and then you go out and get it on with all the fucking Victoria’s Secret models, and you expect me to be okay with that? Well guess what, I’m not. I told you, I’m done. I’m so much better off without you.”

With that I walked back into the room where all the boys were staring at me with sad, pitied faces. I ignored them, like normal, and sat down.

Harry never came back in the room. I assumed he left to go hit up some other girl, one that would actually give him the time of day, since I wouldn’t. The others awkwardly left thirty minutes later when Shane had to go into surgery. I was glad, I didn’t want to sit with anyone while I waited for the doctors to finish cutting open my baby brother.

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