Rubber Band

“We are all like rubber bands; Everyone is flexible, but there comes a point where we can no longer snap back into place, and we break.” That’s exactly what happened. I stretched myself too far and couldn’t recover. I no longer had the flexibility, the elasticity of a rubber band. I was no longer myself. I was no longer anyone. I simply did not exist anymore. I had snapped. **Don't even think about taking my story** H.S


2. Chapter 1

“Oh God Jeff could you please stop doing that?” begged Coley from the back seat. “She and Chelsea were pinching their noses.

“Wow, it smells like you shit your pants bro” said Shane waving his hand back and forth trying to get rid of the smell.

“Shane, c’mon with the language man” I sighed while rolling the windows down a bit. I was in the driver’s seat of my 2014 Ford Escape, with my youngest siblings in the back, and Shane in the passenger seat, dropping them off at school. Nicole, or Coley, was 12 years old going into the seventh grade along with Chelsea, her identical twin. Jeffrey was thirteen and going into eighth grade and Shane fifteen going into tenth grade. Our eldest brother Alex and I had previously graduated from high school and now attend the local community college. Alex was twenty-two, and I, well I’m almost eighteen. Of course I often tell people I am eighteen, considering I am the head of the household. Technically it should have been Alex but he pretty much lives with his girlfriend or at his friends’ places, depending on the week. We never really see him much, but he ‘tries’ to come around every two weeks.

“Sorry but that shit stank” choked out Shane. I reached across to the passenger seat and slapped him over the head.

“Um, ouch!” he exclaimed.

“Watch your mouth and it won’t happen again.” I rolled to a stop in front of our first stop, Power Upper Elementary.

“Alright you two, get on out and have a good day, my sweets” I said, looking through the rearview mirror.

“Okay bye” they said in unison while scrambling out the door, Chelsea grabbing her cello and Nicole her dance bag, from the trunk.

I watched them make their way through the front doors before I drove off. Two more stops then I could go back to bed for a while. It was 7:20, school starts at 7:45, so we were making pretty good time. Shane turned the radio up and we listened to Mojo in the Morning, on the local radio station. They were doing ‘War of the Roses’ which was where a couple’s relationship was destroyed over the live streaming air.

“I can’t believe you would send her roses on her birthday, yet completely forget about your own wife’s!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” the poor guy grumbled.

“Jason, this is Mojo from ‘Mojo in the Morning’ and you are on the air right now. Our listeners know what’s been going on and you’ve been caught red handed, cheating on your wife. What do you have to say for yourself?”

I turned the radio down as we pulled up to the Middle school.

“Turn it back up, I can’t hear!” exclaimed Shane scrambling to fix the volume.

“No. Jeff you have a good day at school, Jay’s mom is going to drive you to and from baseball practice after school okay?”

“Alright. See ya” he yawned and went to grab his bat bag from the trunk.

Shane turned the volume up only to realize it was a commercial. “Now look what you did, we missed it” he complained.

“Oh stop I’m sure you can ask one of your friends about it. Now, you have baseball after school too right?”

“Yeah, and then I might be going over to Jimmy’s” he said looking out the window.

“That’s fine just text me when you leave school and practice. I want to be updated” I said turning left into the high school parking lot.

“Yeah, I know, okay? Now let me out. Jimmy said Steve was going to ask Maria out this morning and I want to watch him cry when he gets rejected.” Shane had an evil grin on his face. What a little punk.

He jumped out of the car before I could fully stop, grabbed his bat bag and ran into the school.

Shaking my head I turn the radio station and sped off. I soon got home and collapsed back onto my bed. I stared at the glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling and soon found my eyelids to be sliding, falling, to a close.


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