My Mate Killed My Mum

What can I say my mate killed my mum.

Blond hair long and thick that ended in curls. Blue deep sea eyes that were more majestic then the sky. Tall artistic and kind hearted that is Heaven.

Tall tanned and fit with abs. Next in line to be alpha. Strong smartcard bad boy sexy that is Zander.

What happens when they cross paths and Heavens mum is Zander next target.


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~~POV Heaven

Waking up to the sun in you're face is agony, as I close my eyes and wish for everything to be back to normal. Opening them again I see I'm still in the same room and that I have lost everything. The hollow feeling of depression slips in as I feel alone.

I sit up and slowly get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to do my business. I walk out to see a new tray of food and the other one gone. I do the same as I did with the other tray and sat it in front of the door. I didn't what to eat as I felt like food was nothing as it is only something we need to survive and it wasn't something we needed to live and inside I wasn't living.

I also noticed some clothes placed on the bed. Unfounded them to fined a black nightgown. it was lacy, knee length, with two thin strips to hold it up. It was also slick and looked expensive. I smiled evilly about what I was going too do.

Going to the widow witch was 6 stores up, I looked out ripping the dress in my hands a few times, I let the now shredded material slip throw my hands and out the window. I watched as the dress fell to the ground and landed in mud.

I smiled at my small victory and walked back into the room. Taking another over sized shirt I went and had a shower using the coconut shampoo that was there.

When I walked out there was a girl siting on the bed she looked young maybe 24ish. when she saw me he smiled. I didn't smile back.

I walked around and sat down on the couch and waited for this lady to leave. we sat and stared at each other for a few minutes before she finally said

"is there anyway I can make you're stay here more conferrable?"

I didn't say anything I just sat there, waiting for her to leave. She was quite pretty as her brown hair was longish and nice brownish eyes two.

"My name's Havel if you don't like what you're food I can ask the cook to make something else for you. I can also find you some nooks or music to pass the time for now" she said.

"Music please and maybe a book too" was all I said it seemed to cause her some joy as she smiled sweetly at me and said

"here its load with all kinds of music some games and reading apps. I will bring you a book tomorrow" she reached into her pocket to pull out an iPod and ear buds, passing it to me.

I didn't say anything as I waited for her to leave. she left straight after saying someone will bring me food later witch I knew I wasn't going to eat but I didn't tell Hazel that.

i played with the IPod and finally settled on Demi Lavto Skyscraper as it seemed to capture my emotions. I sat there looking out the window, repeating the song.

Hazel came in later with food. I didn't say a word or move as I continued to stare out the window.

About an hour or so later the doors opened to revel a very pissed man. the same one that killed my mum. I didn't know his name but it didn't matter as he will only be a killer in my eyes.


~~POV Zander

I found out that Heaven hasn't been eating. why the hell is my angle not eating i asked myself as i stormed up to my room. I slept in a guessed room as I felt better with my angle in my room then anywhere else.

I opened the door to her body just siting on the floor staring out the window, hearing the door opened and looked my way. Her beautiful blue eyes on me as her blond hair fell and framed her face she looked like the angel she is. this seemed to anger me more

"Why haven't you been eating?!" i asked.

she ignored my question and turned back to the window. really?!

"Please if you wont talk at least eat, do it for you're mother" I said hoping to get her to at least eat, big mistake.

the icy glare could kill any werewolf as her eyes turned sliver. she got up from her sited position ripping the ear buds out while getting up.

"You! Have no right. your the one that killed her, so what gives you the right to use her against me." she screamed. she screamed again with tears tracking there way down her check one after the other. she screamed tuned into short sobs as her body collapsed to the floor.

I went forwards to cram my mate in someway, only to have her pull away.

"I hate you" she whispered and with thous words my heart broke. I tried again with the same results.

"Please leave me be. I'll eat tomorrow just leave." she said. I slowly stood up and left with my broken heart.

Somehow I was going to fix this.


Will be updating tomorrow.  Thanks for reading.

Sorry this took so long 😊

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