My Mate Killed My Mum

What can I say my mate killed my mum.

Blond hair long and thick that ended in curls. Blue deep sea eyes that were more majestic then the sky. Tall artistic and kind hearted that is Heaven.

Tall tanned and fit with abs. Next in line to be alpha. Strong smartcard bad boy sexy that is Zander.

What happens when they cross paths and Heavens mum is Zander next target.


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~~POV Heaven

I went straight for the last door but just as I was about to open it I heard a lock click and the handle turn...

Shit! I thought as I jumped out of sight and under the bed. I could hear loud footsteps as they came into the room to loud to be female. I could see his shoes as he approached, one step in front of the other. Determined.

He stoped short right in front of me, my breath had picked up even with all my willing and pleading for it not to. I hoped he had bad hearing, I thought to myself.

"I Know you're there. I wont force you to come out but you will need to eat. I'm laving the food on the bed." he said and their are two things I noticed when he spoke. One was the smell of fresh bread and paster and this was the same guy who killed my mother. I dint say anything or move. I just waited for him to go.

"Fine." he breathed out before slowly making his exit. Even though I knew he had left, I knew he wasn't innately gone until I heard the lock click.

Curling out of my hiding place, I took one look at the food and knew I wasn't eating. Not because It was nice looking, in fact it looked quite yummy it was the fact that he had brought it up. Moving the food in front of the door I went to the walk in closet to find something clean to wear as I was still in my blood stained clothes.

By the clothes that were in here it was clear that this was a guys room. Picking out an over sized t-shirt, I went to the shower and tuned it on leaving out the cold water. As the hot water burnt my skin taking away the pain I felt by replacing it with something real I cried.

After me very long shower I changed into the shirt and took one last look at the food before laying down. Crying for the second time tonight.

POV Zander

I had taken her to my room, laying her limp body down I wanted nothing more but to join her but I had to tell the alpha.


I came up to my room with a tray of food I had gotten one of the cooks to make. I unlocked the door and walked in. I knew she was here because her sent was so strong. I could smell the dark chocolaty flower smell from the corroder so I wasn't worried. I had to opinions to were she could be the closets or under the bed.

My guesses was the bed.

"I know you're there. I wont forces you to come out but You do need to eat. I'm leaving the food on the bed." I waited a few minutes hoping for a response but didn't get one

"Fine" I breathed out before walking away. I waited a second before locking the door and walking to the alpha 's office to finish our conversation.


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