My Mate Killed My Mum

What can I say my mate killed my mum.

Blond hair long and thick that ended in curls. Blue deep sea eyes that were more majestic then the sky. Tall artistic and kind hearted that is Heaven.

Tall tanned and fit with abs. Next in line to be alpha. Strong smartcard bad boy sexy that is Zander.

What happens when they cross paths and Heavens mum is Zander next target.


2. edited

POV Heaven

Mum? Mum! I yelled as I rushed forwards to catch her falling body.

"Mummy" I sobbed, as I thought of all the awful things I said to her and now I can't take them back.

Isn't in all thous movies you see them say sorry or they love you, or they tell you some life changing shit. But I didn't get that as she just died.

she's dead and she's never coming back, I thought as I started to sob harder.

POV Zander

I claimed throw the opened window, after I hand just shot Jane Stone and might I add perfect shot. It was a blessing as I never missed my targets.

I was fully inside the house when the most earth shattering sent hint my nose, pancakes with hot chocolate melted  ice-cream. Yummy.

I realized then, that I had just killed my mate's mum.

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