Mirage || N.H.

Being a famous Youtuber was the best thing, until I was put under management and later called a "celebrity." I hated that word. I never thought of myself higher than others. I lost my old friends and I especially lost my life. I was a fake. I wasn't myself. I was living in a mirage.

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6. Chapter 6||

   ~Meghan's Pov~

"Can I just say I have the best makeup and hairstylist in the world?" Anna turns to me giggling.

"Well, I do know how to do my job. I've been doing this since I was born." She playfully brags laughing after. She spins Niall around on the stool facing him towards the mirror.

"Niall, you can open your eyes now." I say, waiting for his reaction.

 He squints one eye open looking at himself in the mirror. Both of his eyes open in shock. He leans in towards the mirror, tilting his head looking closely at his features.

"What the hell?" He turns back at Anna confused, but yet surprised.

"What do you think?" She asks.

"I look good!" He faces the mirror again leaning in as he smiled widely. I chuckle as he begins to poke his face.

"Well I'm not quite done yet." Anna comes up behind Niall placing a hair cap over his hair. She then grabs a long brunette colored wig placing it on his head.

"Alright." She pats his shoulder backing away. He plays with the hair picking up a strand with his thumb and middle finger letting it go after.

"I don't like the wig. It's itchy." He frowns scratching his neck.

"Well I'm not whining about my hair, so let's go!" I clap my hands together getting his attention.

"Fine." He groans, standing up on his feet.

"Thanks again Anna!" I hug her as she packed her things away.

"That's what I'm here for." She smiles. "Now where's Jesse and Tanya?"

"They should still be in the fashion show room." I point out the door.

"Okay thanks." She carries the makeup bag over her shoulder walking on out.

 I turn back to Niall grinning. I walk over to my wardrobe taking out a pair of pants, an elbow length shirt, and a vest. I throw them back at him grabbing a pair of shoes.

"What's are these for?"

"For your disguise. You can't just go out in that." I look up and down  him taking a look at his suit.

"If they find out it's me, I swear I'll kill you." He squints his eyes at me. I roll my eyes chuckling.

 Once he finished, I quickly pull him out down the hall to the exit. I open the door to see paparazzi already surrounding the doorway. I pull Niall along behind me going through the crowd of paparazzi and fans.

"Meghan, who's your friend?" A man with a camera asks. I ignore them still pushing through.

"What happened to Niall? Why did he come? Are you two secretly together?" Another man asks.

 We finally make it to the car hopping in shutting the door behind us. Leo soon takes off leaving paparazzi back at the fashion show. Niall let's out a sigh of relief removing the wig.

"It actually worked." He turns to me giving a small smile.

"Holy crap! You're a dude!" Leo looks through the rear view mirror. He glances back at Niall surprised.

"Relax Leo. It's just Niall from One Direction." I let out a laugh.

"Oh don't tell me...."

"Yup." I answer, already knowing what he was thinking.

"What?" Niall asks.

"Simon and my management sent you here so we can both get publicity. Wasn't that obvious?" I raise an eyebrow.

"Well of course I know. Paparazzi were already asking if we were together back there."

"Well we're not. I wouldn't fall for a guy that gets all the girls. Besides, I have enough business in my hands that don't deal with relationships."

"I don't get all the girls. Harry mostly does."

"Either way girls fall for you too as for the other guys." I turn my back to him looking out the window.


"I can't believe this." I cross my arms looking down at the ground angry.

"I'm sorry Meghan." Niall slumps down in his seat.

"It's not your fault." I glance over at him as he looks at me.

"I can't believe it! It was just one simple thing guys! One simple thing!" Jesse blabbed on about the plan. "Niall, did you not know to come out with Meghan after the show?" Jesse yells at Niall.

"No sir." Niall put his head down.

"Meghan, you already know! We did this with Simon so the six of you can get publicity!"

"Of course I know. I just don't want the publicity." I answer back.

"I don't care what you want. Remember Meghan, I own you." He pulls out the contract from two years ago. I stare at the contract in disgust.

I was tired of being bossed around.

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