Mirage || N.H.

Being a famous Youtuber was the best thing, until I was put under management and later called a "celebrity." I hated that word. I never thought of myself higher than others. I lost my old friends and I especially lost my life. I was a fake. I wasn't myself. I was living in a mirage.

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5. Chapter 5||

   ~Meghan's Pov~

 A week has passed and I haven't seen the boys since the day we met. I couldn't care less if I didn't see them again. I didn't need to be around more "celebrities" at this point. I had enough in my hands at the moment with my drama friends.

"Just a little more makeup and...done!" The makeup artist smiles as she turns me around to the mirror. I fake a smile thanking her over and over.

"Meghan, you're on in two." The backstage instructor informs me. I nod standing up.

 Okay, I can do this. I won't embarrass myself in front of the press. This is my time to shine and it can't go wrong. Jesse will kill me if something happens.

"Alright Meghan, just go out there and look good!" He pushes me towards the curtains of the stage. I growl before I fix my dress.

 I was here in New York doing the fashion show I was under contract for the past year. I don't understand why they chose me over most girls. I mean, I had nothing. No big butt or boobs. I didn't consider myself a model.

 As the model passes by me, I begin to walk out down the aisle. I smile for the cameras as I pass them. The designer of the dress begins to describe the dress I was wearing. I look over at Tanya and Jesse in the back of the room. Jesse points to the side of me where the front row was.

"What?" I mouth to him. As I reach the front of the stage, I twirl around and begin to walk back. I look down to where Jesse pointed and stare at the one person in shock. It was.... Niall.

 While I kept staring at him, I trip over the models dress beside me. I shriek falling off the stage. Arms wrap around me before I hit the ground. My eyes travel up to see Niall looking down at me in surprise.

"Are you okay?" He asks.

"Uh, yeah thanks." I breathe out in relief.

"Smile for 'Gossip Magazine'!" Niall and I snap our heads towards a man, taking a picture of us. Before I could hide my face, it was too late. Oh man. This will be on the front cover tomorrow.


 I run into my dressing room starting to pull out the bobby pins in my hair. Stupid hairstylist. While rummaging through my makeup bag, I find my makeup remover taking off the layers of makeup on my face. Glad to get that off. I grab my clothes throwing them on the chair as I undressed. I toss on my oversized sweater walking back and forth getting my things together.

"Hey Meghan, I wanted to-" I was startled by Niall's presence as he opened the door.

"Niall! Get out!" My cheeks turn a dark shade of red. I pull the sweater down as I crouched down on the floor.

"Oh my god!" He covers his eyes, quickly getting out and shutting the door behind him.

"Don't you know how to knock?" I shout to him. No answer. I quickly pull on my leggings gathering the rest of my things in my bag.

 I barge out of my dressing room throwing my bag over my shoulder. This is the most embarrassing day of my life! Now I'll be known as "the clumsy girl." I hated this!

"Meghan wait!" I shoot my eyes back to see Niall running towards me.

"No! You've done enough Niall!" I held my hand out stopping him from coming any closer.

"What do you mean?" He furrows his brows.

"You can stop following me now! I never asked for you to come."

"You think I actually wanted to come? I had no choice! Harry left early in the morning, so he didn't have to come to the show. I was forced to come!"

"Just- just leave Horan." I point him to the door. He just stares at me passing by.

"Agh!" He shouts, shutting the door falling on the floor.

"Niall, are you okay?" I run up to him helping him up.

"Crap. Paparazzi's here." He holds his head looking up at me.

"Come with me." I murmur, tugging at him. I jerk back to where he stood still.


 I roll my eyes. "Do you want to get out of this place or not?"

"How are we going to do it?"

"Just come." I pull him along down the ball towards my dressing room. I push him down on the couch taking my phone out. I dial up a number holding the phone up to my ear.

"Hey Meghan, what's up?"

"Hey Anna, you said you were around the fashion show building, right?" I ask.

"Yeah. I'm actually outside about to walk in. Why?"

"I need you in my dressing room."

"Alright, I'll be there in a second." She hangs up.

"She should be here in three, two, one." Anna walks in looking straight at Niall on the couch.

"Anna, this is Niall from One Direction. Niall, this is Anna, my hairstylist and makeup artist."

"Pleasure to meet you." Anna shook his hand.

"Please, the pleasure is mine." He smiles at her.

She then turns to me asking, "so what did you need me for? What's the fashion emergency?"

"Well, you were late for the fashion emergency, but you'll probably find out later." I groan. "Anyways, I want you to change up Niall. Maybe more into a woman." I emphasize the word woman, glancing back at Niall.

"You're going to gender-swap me? I'm not wearing a dress or makeup!" He exclaims waving his arms around.

"Do you want to leave or not?"

"Fine! Just do whatever you do." He groans. He sits himself on a chair waiting for Anna. She quickly moved and covered him up.

This was going to be great.

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