Mirage || N.H.

Being a famous Youtuber was the best thing, until I was put under management and later called a "celebrity." I hated that word. I never thought of myself higher than others. I lost my old friends and I especially lost my life. I was a fake. I wasn't myself. I was living in a mirage.

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4. Chapter 4||

   ~Niall's Pov~

 We drive down the streets of Hollywood roaming around. We still haven't decided what to do with Meghan. It was quiet the whole time as we drove around in circles.

"So Meghan, you're an actress?" I ask, breaking the silence.

"Yeah. Sure." She shifts around facing her back to me as she looked out the window. She gazes down at her phone as she tries to turn it on.

"What movies have you been in?" I try making conversation.

"Let's see, 'heads up Niall, you'll push her in the pool!' oh and, 'I'm sorry I broke your phone.'" She looks back at me faking a smile.

"Look, I'm truly sorry about that. Is there any way I can make it up to you?"

"You can all pretend to hate me, so I don't have to be here with you." She rolls her eyes looking out.

"Besides from that." I answer.

"Well there's nothing much then."

"C'mon. There has to be something." She turns to me thinking.

"I'll think about it."

"What is there to think about? I could probably get you something that's impossible to get."

"I said I'll think about it." She hops out joining the others outside of the car.

 I follow behind them as we walk into the bowling alley. We all grab our bowling shoes replacing them with our shoes. I quickly tie them going to our lane. Liam enters our names on the score board. The order was Louis, Zayn, Liam, Harry, Meghan, and then me.

"Louis, you're up first." Liam points Louis to the lane.

 Louis grabs a bowling ball, eyeing the middle pin. He steps back lifting the ball up next to his cheek, pulling his hand down back towards us, then releasing it forward onto the lane as he makes a strike.

"Oh yeah! First strike on the first round! This will be a great game!" Louis comes around giving us high fives.

"I wouldn't say that." A smirk appears on Meghan's face. What does she have up her sleeve?

 After Zayn, Liam, and Harry go, it was Meghan's turn. She grabs a red ball walking up to the lane. She pulls her arm back, then releasing it as it slid across the floor towards the pins making a strike. She turns to us with a beaming smile. She skips to her seat sitting beside Harry.

"I bet you can't make more than twelve strikes on these two games." Louis scoffs.

"Oh yeah? If I make twelve or more, then you'll be my servant for a day. If you win, I'll be your servant." She laughs.

"Louis, at least just give her less than twelve strikes." Liam tells Louis.

"No, no, it's okay. Deal?" Meghan sticks her hand out to him.

"You're on." Louis shakes hands with her agreeing to the bet.

This will be interesting.


"I can't believe I just lost to a girl! A girl!" Louis exclaims. He groans sitting himself on a seat.

"It's not too bad Tomlinson." She pats his back.

"How did you make that many?" He asks.

"I'm just good at it. There's no need to explain, unless I mean if you want me too." She giggles.

"No!" He shouts.

"Pizzas here!" Zayn shouts, walking over with a large box of pizza setting it on the table. Everyone runs over grabbing a slice munching on it.

 I grab four pieces going back to my seat. I down two pizzas in a couple minutes as everyone was still half ways on their first pizza. Meghan joins my side looking up at the TV above us.

"So I thought about it." She turns to me taking a bite out of her slice of pizza.

"Finally made up your mind?" I grin.

"Yeah. I want you to go and talk to my managers and say I'm the worst person ever. Say I'm annoying, rude, selfish, a liar-"

"I can't do that." I shake my head.

"You said anything else, but from not being around me. You'll just say you guys can't stand me. It's simple. I mean, it's pretty easy saying that about Louis." I chuckle at her words about Louis.

"What I meant was I can't tell a lie. I can't say something you're not." I shake my head weakly smiling at her. She stares at me not saying a word. I wave my hand in front of her. Nothing.

"I-I want to leave now." She stands up walking over to the others. I look back at her as she speaks to Liam. He glances over at me nodding to her. Oh great, what did I do to her?

"C'mon guys, let's get going." They all look back at me as they stand up. Now I look like the bad guy. Great.


"Niall what's wrong with you?" Liam smacks me on the head.

"Ow! What did I do that I don't know?" I hold my head growling at him.

"You made Meghan upset! That's what you did! What did you tell her?"

"She just asked me to do a favor and I told her I can't lie about her to her management. She wanted me to say that we don't like her, so she doesn't have to be around us." He stares at me for a while.

"You're telling the truth?"

"Yes!" I exclaim.

"Next time you see her, you apologize. I don't care if she's the one who ended up making herself upset because you said no. Just do it."

"Fine. Only because I'm a nice person." I cross my arms.

"Let me guess, you like her?" He grins.

"Oh yeah." I nod.

"And you don't know what to say to her to get her attention?"

"No idea." I breathe out, laying down on my bed putting my hands behind my head.

"Just get to know her and take it slow. You don't want to rush things."

"Thanks, Liam." I smile up at him. He nods walking out of my room.

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