Mirage || N.H.

Being a famous Youtuber was the best thing, until I was put under management and later called a "celebrity." I hated that word. I never thought of myself higher than others. I lost my old friends and I especially lost my life. I was a fake. I wasn't myself. I was living in a mirage.

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13. Chapter 13||

   ~Meghan's Pov~

"What?" I ask, raising an eyebrow.

"Niall was right!" He exclaims.

"You too? Can't you and Niall just stop with the-"

"No! Niall is right! Joey is using you for fame, not to make up with you! Jesse sent him here to just collaborate with you for I don't know what reason."

I was filled with anger as those words came out of Harry's mouth. "No, maybe you're trying to get rid of my best friend Joey! You're just making up lies with Niall! What's wrong with you guys?!" I lay my hands on his chest pushing him back.

"Why can't you believe me?! Do you really believe your management after what they have done to you?" I pause staring at him. How did he know? Niall was the only- "Niall told you, didn't he?"

"Yes! That's why I came here! He didn't want you to get more mad at him because of this! If you think I came to win your affection, then you're wrong. I was here to make up with you and to prove for Niall that Joey, or whatever his name is, is not good news."

 Whoa. There's a shocker. I guess Harry didn't come for the reasons I thought. But why is he doing this? He was mad at Niall and I. Did they make up? Maybe.

"So Niall has been telling me the truth this whole time." He nods pacing back and forth across the room. "Man, I feel so stupid! I should have believed him in the first place! I had a feeling something wasn't right with Joey when I went out with him earlier." I run my fingers through my long brown hair, sighing.

"So what are you going to do now?" He asks.

"I'm not going to do anything."

"What?! After all this, you're just going to sit there and do...nothing?!"

"Calm yourself Styles! I can't do anything because whatever I do, Joey can tell his fans about it. I have to make peace with him."

"What the hell are you thinking? If I was in your position, I'd beat the hell out of him!" Harry punches his hand with his balled up fist.

"I think I may know a way to...over power him. I need your help and Niall's...."

*****next day*****

"I hope you didn't mind me inviting Harry and Niall along." I glance back at Joey smiling.

 After Harry talked to me yesterday, I went over to apologize to Niall. I felt horrible for not believing him. The guilt was killing me within those minutes. I was just actually surprised that Niall forgave me that quick. Harry was right about Niall caring about me.

"Oh, I don't mind at all..." He fakes a smile. "I guess," He mutters as I look away.

"Shall we get a table?"

"Sure." He walks past me to the hostess with menus in her hands.

"Party of two?" She asks.

"Actually, there's four of us. The other two will be here in a bit." The woman nods as Joey's response. We follow her as she shows us our table. I sit across from Joey in a booth as we remained quiet for a while.

"So when are your friends coming?" He asks, still looking at the menu.

"They should be here soon." I bite my lip looking around. I spot Harry and Niall walk in quickly searching for us. Niall spots me whispering over Harry as he pointed towards us. I look over at Joey as he was still looking through the menu. "I'm gonna use the ladies room. Make sure to call Harry and Niall over if you see them walk in."

"Okay." He shoos me away.

 I give Harry and Niall a thumbs up giving me a nod. They walk over to our table where Joey sat still looking over the menu.

   ~Niall's Pov~

"That's our cue." I whisper to Harry. He nods following behind me towards Joey. "Hey Joey!" I smile. He looks up at me, forcing a smile on his face.

"Hey Niall...Harry?" He raises his eyebrows in shock staring up at Harry.

"Hi Joey." Harry nods at Joey sitting beside me.

"I'm surprised to see you here after what Meghan said about you guys." He slightly chuckles.

"You know, I actually asked her if she really said those things about me and she said no."

"Well I guess you don't know the real Meghan." He rolls his eyes.

"How's the real Meghan like then?" I ask.

"She's a diva, liar, manipulative, snotty, attention stealer...I've got more to say, but I'm afraid it might keep going." He laughs.

"No, please go on." Harry grins, holding his phone up on the table as if he was playing games listening to Joey.

"Well, she is-" Joey continues on and on about her.

 The funny thing was, Harry was recording every single word Joey was saying about Meghan. Not only audio, he's also video recorded him.

"Hm, that's weird. I do remember coming in that day when Jesse convinced you to collaborate with her. You also talked to someone on the phone about her. What was it? She used us...now I'm going to use her?" I squint my eyes at him. Joey's mouth drops open at my words. He growls at us slamming his fists on the table.

"Meghan's not going to believe you. She obviously loves me more than you two." He spat at us, rolling his eyes.

"Oh really? Because every single word you said about her is on this very phone." Harry shows him the video if him talking crap about Meghan.

"Give me that!" He leans over the table trying to reach for the phone.

"Oh sorry man, I can't do that." Harry fakes a smile.

"Oh hey guys! You're here!" Meghan plops down beside Joey.

"Hey Meghan, can we show you this random video we found?" My eyes trail over to Joey as he begins to turn red.

"Nah. I've watched too many videos for the day," she laughs, "Anyways, I actually wanted to ask you something Joey." She looks to her side at Joey.

"Sure Meghan. What is it?"

"There's a magazine interviewer that wants a friend of mine to go over and talk about our friendship and just say some nice things about me like for example what would you say?" She asks, taking a quick glance at us.

"I would say a beautiful, sweet, funny, caring, outgoing, amazing best-"

"Oh Joey," she playfully slaps him on the shoulder laughing, "I'm sure you meant to say something more serious. How about what you said that one time on a video... a fake, lying, stupid, snobby little celebrity...should I keep going?" She raises an eyebrow at him.

Joey's eyes focused on Meghan in shock. He had no words to say.

"Why would you think I ever used you and the others to get more noticed? I'm not like that Joey and I've never been. You know me better than that Joey." She shakes her head rapidly.

"Oh please, you stopped talking to us for two years Meghan! Two years! Do you know how it was like missing a friend that ended up betraying you?"

"Do you know how hard it was to keep in that lie Jesse told you two years ago? I never said those words! Jesse said you guys would be a distraction in my career and I fought for our friendship! If anything, I'm the real friend here." She slams her hands on the table, standing up on her feet walking way from us.

"Not cool man." Harry shakes his head following after Meghan.

"Joey, Meghan is the nicest person in the world. Why would she ever use you guys? I can't imagine her as a bad person. I don't know if you're going to make up with her or not, but using her for fame, she will probably never speak to you again." He kept his head down fumbling with his fingers.

"She'll never forgive me." He muttered under his breath.

"It's your choice if you still want to be friends with her." I stand up, walking away from the table leaving him alone.

 I don't understand. Why would he think of Meghan as a bad person? She has never done anything to make herself look like a bad person.

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