Mirage || N.H.

Being a famous Youtuber was the best thing, until I was put under management and later called a "celebrity." I hated that word. I never thought of myself higher than others. I lost my old friends and I especially lost my life. I was a fake. I wasn't myself. I was living in a mirage.

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1. Chapter 1||

  ~Meghan's Pov~

 "Meghan! Meghan! Over here!" I pose for paparazzi as they take pictures of me.

 I smile, giggling as I hugged my friend, Roxy, beside me. I take pictures with fans as they snap a quick picture with me. I was enjoying my time until one of the guards grab me by the arm pulling me away from the crowd. He pushes me inside the car going around to the drivers seat and soon taking off.

"Hey! I wasn't done with my fans!" I argue, stomping my foot.

"Well times up. Tanya and Jesse want you right now for a meeting." I cross my arms sitting back in my seat groaning.

 I always hated the meetings I was forced to go to, which was every one. This is what sucked about being famous. I don't like to consider myself famous. I was just an ordinary Youtuber making videos and boom! Here I am known as a "celebrity" hanging out with other ones.

 I wasn't like every celebrity. I actually cared for my fans, no offense to other celebrities. I didn't care for the money at this point. I did before when I was poor and my family starved. Now, they lived in a mansion in Beverly Hills with endless plates of food, walk in closets filled with brand new clothes, and have endless parties with neighbors.

 The truth is, I gave them a big portion of my paycheck, packed my bags, and moved out. They forgot all about me after all the things they received from my paychecks. I was angry. I made a vow to never talk to them, see them, or hear from them after that day. I didn't need them anymore.

 We arrive at my managements building. I hop out walking inside taking the elevator up to the top floor. I walk down the hall reaching their office. I take a deep breath letting it out slowly before walking in.

"Meghan dear! Lovely to see you again!" Tanya walks up to me, bringing me in for a hug. She releases me taking a seat back in her chair.

"What is it this time?" I ask annoyed.

"Well, we decided to team up with Simon Cowell. You remember him, don't you?" Jesse looks back at me as he walks back and forth staring out the glass window.

"Yeah?" I squint my eyes trying to figure out what his plan was.

"So, we made the decision for you and his boy band to hang out for the next couple days, weeks...months."

"You mean One Direction?" I raise my eyebrows surprised. I was shocked that Simon agreed with this. I guess they needed more publicity.

"Yes, so tomorrow you're going to his house to meet the boys. After you all meet, you'll go out with them in public." Tanya informs me.

"So all I have to do is hang out with them?" I question.

"Well, we expect more, but Simon will make that decision." Jesse winks, taking his phone out texting away.

"What about my photo-shoot?"

"We're rescheduling it to next week. For this week, you don't have to worry about work. Just have fun with the boys." Jesse smiles.

"My fashion show is also next week. I can't miss that."

"She's right Jesse. She won't get on the cover of 'Beauty Magazine' next month. You know we've been wanting that." I squint my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest. "I-I mean, you've been wanting it!" Tanya laughs nervously.

"Fine. I'll do it." I roll my eyes.

"We didn't ask you." Jesse grins.

"Whatever." I barge out slamming the door behind me. My phone buzzes, noting me I've received a message.

'Wake up early. The driver will be there at eight. -Jesse'

 I groan, walking down the hall pressing the elevator button. It arrives opening up. I walk in, going back down to meet my bodyguard once again. I jump in the car as he drives off down the streets.


 I plop on the couch grabbing my tub of ice cream from the coffee table. I grab the spoon inside shoving ice cream in my mouth. I flip through the TV channels finding nothing too interesting. I stop on the celebrity gossip show to see a picture of One Direction at the corner of the screen. I turn up the volume listening.

"So rumors are said that Liam and his short term girlfriend, Sophia, have broken up. Twitter has also been blowing up with hashtags of Elounor being engaged. Is it true? Stay tune to find out!" The screen goes black, then goes to a commercial.

 Those poor guys. These rumors must not be true. I've heard their fandom is pretty hectic and full of drama. I'm glad I don't have fans like that.

 After hours of TV, I go up to bed. I go onto twitter favoriting, retweeting, replying, and following back some fans. I decide to tweet something.

'It was nice meeting you all this afternoon! Can't wait to go to New York next week! Love you all! <3 :)'

I lock my phone putting it to charge. I lay down staring up at the tall ceiling. I close my eyes, soon falling alseep.

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