New movella


1. Man like me

want to create something as beautiful as she

Something doesn't cover it, now can you see

I'm at a dead end road and I'm just sitting in my car

wishing for something as beautiful as you are

Something that could give me a chance

of the sweetest romance

Maybe I just speed into the wall

Admit defeat and take the fall

I don't want to feel so vulnerable...

But you make me feel so small

It's like staring out at the wonders of the world

Is it divine creation that created such a lovely girl

Cus I can't believe you were just a one of chance

And if I dare to believe in fate then maybe your in my plans

Cus you make me feel like I'm at the edge the world.

Awestruck and breathess waiting for heaven to unfurl

Let the rain pour

Let the lion roar

Let the birds soar

Cus you make me feel, like I'm part of something so much more

Like I could be more than a man if that meant having you in my hands. Maybe that's what I need to be. Someone who could make you fall in love with... A man like me...

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