Life at the Dursleys

What happened during all those years Harry lived with the Dursleys? How did Harry deal with his abusive family members? This is the story of Harry's life growing up at the Dursleys.


2. The Dursleys

      The sun had risen and the Dursley family began to wake as the hours past. Vernon Dursley began preparing for work as he usually did on weekday mornings. Petunia Dursley however remained at Privet Drive and busied herself with young Dudley Dursley who was eating breakfast rather messily.

    Mrs. Dursley stood up and headed towards the front door to check if the post had arrived. She opened the door and looked down only to scream from surprise. One year old Harry Potter, who had woken up from his aunts scream began to cry. Vernon Dursley appeared at the door only to have a more angry response than his wife. 

"What is this?" shouted Mr. Dursley at the sight of the crying child.

  Dudley had now started crying and Petunia looked at  her husband motioning him to go help. Vernon reluctantly left and Petunia brought Harry inside and shut door since the neighbors had began to peak through their windows to see what all the commotion was all about. A look of fear passed Petunia's face but was immediately replaced with a confusion as she realised who the child was. Vernon returned looking impatient. 

 "Well? What is the meaning of this?" He cried out with a look of outrage on his face.

   Petunia straightened up and seemed to return to her usual self and replied "It's our nephew I believe."

  Petunia seemed set on not giving her opinion on the matter and eyed the letter tucked in the blankets carefully. Vernon pointed at Harry and spat out "Our nephew? The child belonging to that sister of yours and that no good Potter husband of hers?"

"How am I to know for sure, I've never seen the boy but I suppose yes!" Petunia snapped.

"And why, would your no good sister's son be here?" He asked accusingly as if she had something to do with it. "He's one of them isn't he?" He said lowering his voice as if he was in danger of being over heard. 

"I suppose" said Petunia quietly looking away.

  Petunia leans over and picks up the letter tucked in Harry's blanket. He had stopped crying but his face was wet with tears. Vernon eyes the letter curiously but made no action to take it from his wife. Petunia was quick to open it had began to read it. Petunia showed no emotion reading the letter but when she finished she seemed at loss at what to say. Mr. Dursley could have sworn he noticed her begin to tear up as she tried to speak. 

"Well.."  Vernon impatiently asked rather rudely.

Petunia cleared her throat "They're dead "she said softly in an unrecognisable  voice.


"They're dead" She repeated clearly returning to her usual manner.

"Whose dead?" Mr. Dursley asked obviously not catching on.

"My sister and her husband, the Potters are dead"

  Vernon Dursley's face was blank from expression, as Petunia and he usually pretended her sister Lily didn't exist he was unsure of how to react. A few minutes passed in silence before Vernon cleared his throat and said "So why has the child been brought here?" He asked in an almost polite voice.

Petunia shrugged and said" As I understand, we are probably the only family he's got left"

"So what now? I reckon we drop him in an orphanage and that'd be the end of it."

Rather quickly Petunia said "No"  

Vernon seemed confused by this but before he could protest Petunia said more slowly "No, we'll take him in. Bring him to the living room.." 

Immediately after this Petunia left and returned to Dudley who was making quite a bit noise seeing as they had left him alone for twenty minutes. 

 Harry seemed to have lost interest halfway through his aunt and uncles conversation and was fiddling with the blanket now only partially covering his body. 

Vernon sighed and lifted Harry off the floor where Harry was comfortably wrapped in a bundle of blankets. Although Harry had no idea would not be aware of this for many years, a protective enchantment sealed itself this moment. Although Harry will be deprived of a loving family and be abused by his cousin daily, he was now safe . 

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