Life at the Dursleys

What happened during all those years Harry lived with the Dursleys? How did Harry deal with his abusive family members? This is the story of Harry's life growing up at the Dursleys.


1. Privet Drive

        It was nightfall at Privet Drive,  and the home belonging to the Dursleys seemed quiet and undisturbed. The house was ordinary and that's how the Dursleys liked it.

  The family of three led a boringly normal life and despised anything that would link them to the unordinary. The Dursleys wanted to live quietly on Privet Drive and disconnect themselves from anything unusual. The Potter family is an example of what the Dursleys so desperately try to separate themselves from, but they were unaware of the tragedy that had occurred previously that day. A tragedy that had the potential to link them to the unordinary. 

  The Dursleys had no knowledge that what they have tried so hard to get away from was in front of their home.  Little did they know that four wizards were currently outside of their home, little did they know that one of them was now forever known as the boy who lived. 

   Albus Dumbledore lay Harry Potter at the doorsteps of the Dursleys and tucked in a letter into the blanket covered the sleeping one year old. The three wizards left the house and young Harry Potter turned over in his sleep completely unaware that he was special. He would live among the Dursleys not knowing he was famous, not knowing that in a few hours he would be awoken by the screaming of his aunt. Harry Potter had no way of knowing of the endless prodding and pinching he would receive from his cousin Dudley. Harry Potter remained asleep for the time being, the curious shaped scar partially covered by a tuft of dark hair serving as proof of what he did not know.

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