Drella Malfoy. A girls life.

what if the evil but lovable Draco Malfoy was a girl named Drella? would that have made things different? We'll just have to wait and see.


4. third year: do we tell?


"come on harry" ron yelled "we are going to be late for dinner if you dont hurry up"

"well soooorry if i dropped my books when YOU ran past me" harry said sarcasticly.

ron didnt say anything, just ran up to him, pick up all the papers with one scoop and grabed harrys arm and pulled him to the great hall. On his was he saw Drella, he readyed a paper ball. to everyone else it would look like harry was being mean but only she and him would know that there was a note in it.


Dear Drella,

                   meet me in the room of requirment at midnight.

love you loads, Harry xxxx



at midnight Drella got there before harry did. when he saw her he ran as fast and as quiet as he could and in one swift movement grabed her around the waist and spun her in the air. and with that the door appeared and they ran in.

it was the grounds of hogwarts, but no one was there and there was a picnic on the ground. the stars were out, it was a little bit cold. Harry saw this and took off his jumper and gave it to Drella.

they ate and laughed and kissed and laughed somemore.

"your so beautiful" harry said pushing her hair out of her face. they were both lying on there sides.

"your an idiot" she said looking shy and giving a little laugh.

"oh i am, am i?" harry asked. suddenly he was in that same push up position that he was in a week ago. but she mannaged to wriggle down, so her head was at his chest and push him off. Harry was now lying on the floor with Drella sat cross legged on top of him, for her, this was a lot more effective.

"Harry??" Drella started "when are we going to tell people?"

"well, it would be a bit of a shock for everyone, because of the past but we can tell when ever you want." he smiled at her and intwined their fingers.

"how about we dont tell, just let them find out for themslevse." she bent down and kissed him, and then started to get up.

"right im tired ill see you tomorrow, and no hiding it. okay?" she pointed a small finger at his nose.

"alright, alright, good night." they kissed goodnight and left.

As Harry got back to bed, ron was sat on his bed.

"where the bloody hell have you been?" ron asked worried.

"out with, my girl." harry said smiling.

ron shot up. "who?! what?!where?!what?!why?how?!"

"you'll see tomorrow. our way of telling people is by letting them find out for themselvse."


(sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes. i dont have spell check)


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