Have You Forgotten Me Already?

After Edward left Bella in the woods Bella moved into her Uncle Damon and Stefan's house in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
When Edward comes back for Bella she formulates a plan to rid of the sparkles. Whilst she is fighting feelings for the enemy a new and more powerful enemy who is mentally insane, will she survive or will her instincts get the better of her?
Find out in "Have You Forgotten Me Already?"


2. chapter 2

He turned around and RAN OFF! Coward!

"You know Uncle Damon you are an absolute Dumbass? Because if you don't then I think you need to search in that pea size brain of yours and figure it out."

Weirdly enough I was being truly honest about every word. For a Vampire he is not very bright.

"HEY that is TOTALY true about me!"

Whilst that was going on I felt a bit sad that the Prince Hybrid Mutt was gone. After I said that in my head I fell to the floor laughing my ass off.

"What got you so happy?" Dam Dam asked.

"Just called the hybrid a Prince Hybrid Mutt in my head."

Then we both started laughing, again.

"I can't believe you actually called him that! And you are still walking on this earth. You really need to watch that mouth of yours."

"Take your own advice Dam Dam it might just save your life one day."

Lets just say that Damon pouting is NOT a good look. I, being me, voiced my oh so funny thoughts. It ended with me and Uncle Damon covered in any food we could get our hands on.

After we called it a truce Stef Stef came in with the dopplebitch.

"Heeeeey Stef Stef. Hey dopplebitch."

I am just too funny.

"Bells, since you are my favourite niece I will let you off. THIS TIME!"

And Damon being the GRASS he is went and told Stefanie about how I told Klaus Damon was my favourite uncle. They ended up fighting. Best thing is Stef Stef WON. I hope he remembers this and never forgets because this very well might be the last time he beats Damily in a fight.

"Ok well I shall be going to my bed room to sleep off this wacky day."

Half way up the stairs I shouted over my shoulder.

"Never a boring day in Mystic Falls."

As soon as I got in bed I fell into a dreamless sleep and LOVED it.

I woke up after the most AMAZING sleep I have had ever since HE left.

I got ready and went down stairs to see Stef Stef and dopplebitch having a full blown make out session. It looked like they were eating each other's face off.


Once I was finished with my long speech I heard a chuckle coming from the stairs.

"You thought THIS place was child friendly? Have you forgotten that I, Damon Salvatore, lives here?"


"But I am STILL you favourite uncle."

"Damily stop being such an ass, if that's possible, for ONE day. That is all I ask of you. One day."

"How do you expect me to charm the ladies without my assiness? Ha after a century and a half I have finally made up a word. Assiness."

OMFG he is actually PROUD of himself! I think he may be a tad bit drunk.

"Damon, you do realise that they are still eating each others faces right now, don't you?" I asked completely appalled by the behaviour of the most mature people in this house. Hehe I just said something posh.

"Do you wanna go out somewhere more.... Exiting?" Me and him are just so in sink that sometimes it is quite freaky.

"You took the words right out of my effing mouth."


An Hour Of Fun

"Dammmmmmmmooooooonnnnn caaaaaaan iiiiiiiii drivvvvvvveeeeee yourrrrrr carrrrrrr. Pleeeeeeaseeeeeeeee?" if you can't tell what I just said I will tell ya. (Damon can I drive your car? Please?)

"HELLS to the fucking NO!"

Time to bring out the big guns! THE PUPPY DOG EYES. HE CANT SAY NO TO THE PUPPY DOG EYES!

"Oh my god please stop! Ok ok I will let you drive the car!"

"Thanks Damily!"

After driving a few minutes I looked at Damon. Except when I looked back at the road there was a man in the middle. I swerved to dodge him but I need up turning the car upside down. You know the only thing that ran through my head was.... 'SHIT Damon's gonna kill me.'

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