Have You Forgotten Me Already?

After Edward left Bella in the woods Bella moved into her Uncle Damon and Stefan's house in Mystic Falls, Virginia.
When Edward comes back for Bella she formulates a plan to rid of the sparkles. Whilst she is fighting feelings for the enemy a new and more powerful enemy who is mentally insane, will she survive or will her instincts get the better of her?
Find out in "Have You Forgotten Me Already?"


1. chapter 1

My name is Isabella Swan. You all know the story about me getting left in the woods by Edward, or as I like to call him the Sparkling Unicorn. Well I didn't go to save him from exposing The Sparkly's.

Alice had to show him a vision. when all this was going on I was staying at my uncle's house. They are vamps but not Sparkly Unicorn's. I would never tell Stefan but Damon's my favourite. If he knew he would more then likely start to cry, then me and Damon would end up on the floor laughing our butts off. Then Stefan would ask if we were finished and we would carry on laughing.

Once I got there I heard a big crash. I ran inside and I felt drawn to the man who had uncle Damon under him with a stake in his hand.


"Bella get out! Just leave me and Stef-Stef to handle it ok?!"

"SHUT UP DAM-DAM!!" I said calling him the nickname that really REALLY gets on his nerves. The next second the guy was off of Damon and had me against the wall.

"Mine." that was all he said. But for once I did not loose my temper. I just nodded.

"LEAVE MY GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT NEICE ALONE!!" Damon shouted. Then the guy started to growl.

"SHUT UP OR I'LL RIP YOUR HEART OUT!" he said or shouted.


"Thanks Damon. Does that mean you like me more than Stefan?" I asked quite happy at the moment.

"Yeah. Who would prefer Bunny But over you?" he asked.

"A lot of people actually." I answered.

"Like who?"he asked as if it was impossible

"Firstly, Elena the doppleganger. She thought i was one of your play things and to say she was jealous would be the understatement of the year." i answered thinking back to when she saw me in a towel after i had a shower in the most EPIC bathroom of all time!

"excuse me have you forgotten the bad guy who could kill you in 10 second?!" wow he really doesn't like being ignored.

"exactly, if you wanted to kill us then you would have already done so as we have been here talking for... 3 minutes." I answered after looking at my watch.

"Yeah, Niklaus. Wouldn't you have killed us already if you wanted to kill us?" Uggg what is it with uncle Damon and his cockiness! After he said that Niklaus had Uncle Damon by the neck.

"Don't get all cocky with me because if you remember i could simply bite you and not give you the cure." No one threatens my favorite uncle( don't tell Stef Stef that though)

"Get off of my Uncle you big bully. I mean no one likes his cockiness but still, NO ONE and i mean NO ONE hurts him got that Alpha Prince Mutt!" i yelled at the 1000 year old hybrid.

He turned around and then he........

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