K. A. T. E.

Kate's name is an acronym, and means one thing to her family. But her name doesn't reflect who Kate is. She is a pacifist, but a place ravaged by war between cults, those who seek peace are disappointed, and the hand that reaches out for it is more likely to get cut off instead. But when the chance to keep eternal peace comes, Kate believes that nothing can stop her from achieving it. But with her eyes so focused on peace, true danger can slip by unnoticed... Kill. All. The. Enemy.


2. 2

Chapter 2


The shot echoed through the hall. It was soon accompanied by a loud clatter, as the Uzi fell from my hands. My eyes blurred again, but I could still make out the black, red and gold lump curled up before me. I gasped, and tears welled in my eyes.

Suddenly, a sharp pain rocketed across my back, and I dropped to my knees, yelping. I craned my neck, and saw Ben standing there, Faye's crowbar in hand.

"You IDIOT!" He bellowed, practically jumping up and down. "Are you that bad of a shot, or are you just so stupid you can't tell a man's privates from his NOSE?!" It would have been funny if it wasn't directed at me.

But it was.

And who could have thought a blurry little man with a crowbar could be so terrifying?

I tried to stand up, but Ben brought his crowbar down sharp on my thigh. I screamed, as some of the girls in the line sniggered. Faye was looking away. "You…" he seethed, then smiled a menacing, horrifying grin. "You are going to answer to Lucian." My heart sank to my stomach, and a cold sweat overcame me as I stood up, trying to balance on the leg Ben hadn't hit. Lucian was the leader of Keverican, elected only because he claimed to be in direct contact with the Dark Ones. And, well, who was going to argue?

"Class dismissed! Now bugger off and be back in a half hour. And Lucar!" He glared, spitting on me, "use you lunch hour to clean up this mess." He gestured to the man's body.

"Y-yes sir," I mumbled, wiping away my tears. As everyone put their weapons back in the sack, some of the nastier girls aimed kicks at me, while almost all girls glared at me. Faye lingered by the door, until everyone had gone. Then, she spoke up.

"Hey, what you did, it was very, very brave. I just want you to know, that Keverican needs more people like you." She spoke fast and quietly, before wandering off. But she didn't understand. I had killed someone, his blood would forever be on me. Instinctively, I wiped my clean hands on my jeans. 

I had always hated conflict. Ever since I understood that fighting was avoidable I ran from it. This wasn't easy, seeing as how Keverican was a place built on violence. My family were firm believers of Keverican principles, that was why they named me Kate - Kill All The Enemy. My parents had high hopes for me, that I would be the most bloodthirsty and successful of the Lucar family. For all of them, murder was practically a hobby! How hurting people could be fun was beyond me. And to be at war with Yexterby and Hanfridan? It was pointless.

There was a time, a good hundred years before, where Yexterby, Keverican, and Hanfridan tolerated each other. They all worshiped the Dark Ones, strange "gods" which they firmly believed would come to earth one day, on a day known as the Aftermath. The heathens would be purged, and believers would become citizens of the shining metropolises the Dark Ones would build.

But then, a question arose. What if there wasn't enough places in the Aftermath for all three "Organisations"? They quickly figured out an answer: rip each other to pieces, and let it be survival of the fittest.

People began trickling into the hall about fifteen minutes before the next lesson began. Then Ben came in , actually early for once. He was holding on to a cup of steaming coffee, and it smelt amazing. I'd never had coffee before, it was specifically reserved for leaders and trainers. He began yelling at us, telling us to set up the training dummies and the targets. Practical training.

Practical training was the one part of the day I didn't mind. After breakfast, the first section of the day was for announcements, or special occasions.

Straight after we have practical, where we build up our strength and stamina. That takes us to midday, when we have lunch in the mess halls. That's followed by three straight hours of academia, namely maths, English and history.

The last three hours of training were military strategies, which were often held by Lucien himself. The evening was to do as we pleased after dinner, and I was either in the scruffy little library, or having guitar lessons with Violet Heckles.

I could hold my own in combat, it was dummies and targets we fought, not people. I was in the middle, but there was one of us who stood out, as the best fighter we'd ever seen.

Faye was already stretching, eyeing up the targets happily yet hungrily, her composure cool and threatening. She was an amazing fighter, and even Ben seemed to like her. I could never dream of being as talented as her when it came to war. But, to almost balance it out, she couldn't read very well, whereas I flew through novels and stories. 

The man's body had been left in the centre of the room, right where he fell. I would have to clean it up during my lunch break, but for now, he just sat there, in a pool of his own blood. I shuddered, and turned my back on the gruesome scene.


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