Scars that run too deep

A man in a coma has to battle with death to get his life back- and I mean BATTLE.


2. The Forest of Souls

Lenny instantly found himself in a forest alone. It was midnight and there was nothing around except the trees and the cold of the night. He felt a tingling sensation slither down his spine and he knew at once that he was not alone. He kept looking around him, behind his shoulder, checking to see if a psychotic killer would emerge out of the darkness, slicing him with a machete. But nobody arrived. Yet. Lenny kept going, wondering whether he really was not alone but still nobody arrived or even approached him. But just when he thought he was alright, a thud on the ground made his hair stand on end. The thud got louder, yet there was no one there. He called out into the twilight but there was no reply. And as soon as the thud got so close to him he could practically feel it, it stopped. Then he smelt a burning smell from the other end of the forest. Lenny started walking, then the walk turned into a quick sprint. He called out again, and this time he heard a scream. A woman`s scream that made him stop suddenly, as though an invisible barrier was blocking him from the rest of this world. The scream carried on going like a stuck record, until the wind blew once more and it stopped. A queer looking man in a black cloak and a hood approached Lenny and tapped him gently on the shoulder.

"Salutations, Mr Davison. I am Maldock the Miserable of the lost soul land."

"Are you a guide? You know, to guide me through this twisted world?"

"Exactly. Follow me, Mr Davison."

Maldock held out his hand, and Lenny took it. As soon as he did this, he felt as though his internal organs were being mashed up and sucked out of him, leaving him hollow and dry. They were travelling. Travelling to the land of the lost lives.

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