Scars that run too deep

A man in a coma has to battle with death to get his life back- and I mean BATTLE.


5. Knocking on Death`s door

It was coming for Lenny. He knew he was no longer safe after he left Maldock alone on the mountain. That tingling sensation started draining through his body and his feet felt as though they were glued to the floor. He thought that one breath might set him alight, as he knew that Death loathed those that were living. It was approaching out of the darkness, approaching Lenny and all of a sudden-

BEEEEEEPPPPPP. That echoing noise on the life support machine rang out through the ward like an air raid siren. A doctor rushed over to Lenny`s body and started CPR on him. The machine stopped its *BEEP* and proceeded as normal.

"Ah. Oh thank God!" Lenny was face down on some muddy path. It was raining heavily on top of him, so he knew that Death was unhappy at this. Lenny looked up and saw a familiar face shine down on him. "Maldock!" He cried aloud.

"Yes! Yes! Be quiet please!" He hushed Lenny down as though he was a fugitive not wanting to be seen or heard. "I`m on the run from Death. He locked me up and tortured me as he knew that I was with you. If you had not have run away you would be in the same state as me!"

"What do you me-" But Lenny had seen enough. Blood was trickling from Maldock`s chest and it was dripping from his face. He had been tortured, alright.

"Yeah. Not the best of sights, is it?" He asked Lenny.

Maldock could no longer speak. He was bleeding from his mouth badly and he needed to sit down. He sat on a rock and just lay down, not speaking or moving. He was like this for nearly ten minutes before Lenny knew what had happened. Maldock`s eyes were wide open, like big glassy orbs and no breathe came out of his body. Maldock was dead and Death had started to laugh menacingly. Thunder boomed down on the land and Lightning struck hard, Scorching Maldock so there was nothing left but ash. Lenny felt his heart rip in two and he cursed into the air so that Death could hear him. After he had done that, a hooded figure arrived at him.

"Greetings." The figure said to him.

"Uh, Hello."

"I am Hidog of Death`s land. You are Lenny Davison, are you not?"


"I need you to come with me."

Lenny hesitated for a moment before answering, "Okay."

And like with Maldock, the teleported, with Lenny not knowing where they were going.

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