All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


9. ♕Chapter 8♕


Eleanors pov.


I went out to the door, so I could get my shoes on since we were going to the mall.

I just hope Tom haven't said anything to the police about me running away, or that he finds me in the mall, iwth the guys.

"You okay baby" Justin asked from my side. He could probably tell I looked nervous, or something.

"What if he told the plolice about me running away, or if he finds me in the mall" I said, and I could feel that I almost started to cry.

"Hey hey, everything is gonna be alright, okay" he said, and then hugged me.

"Okay" I said. We pulled away, as the guys came so we could go.

"Jeezz, who died" Jason asked, which made me giggled at how stupid he sounded.

"No one. lets go" Justin said, and took his arm around my shoulders.

"Must you touch me, and be close to me at all hours" I asked him, and looked up.

"Yes" he said, and shrugged, like it was no big deal, which it wasent. But I was just being weird about it.

"Why" I asked him.

He mumbled something about 'you dont get it' under his breathe, but I just shrugged it off, and went into the car.

Now you may think that im crazy for still staying in the house. But I'm not I have some reasons.

1. Justin had some sort of power over me, so I felt like I need too be with him, and please him. NOT in the sexually way tho.

2. For some odd reason I felt pretty safe around them all. It was like that they were here to protect me. My knights on their shinning amour.

It was like that this was ment to happen, like I was suppose to meet justin and he should bring me home to him. It may sound completely fucked up, but thats how I feel towards them.

And thats why im staying, cuz they make me feel safe, and not like an animal in a cage, that Tom made me feel like.

"We're here bitches" khalil said, I gave him a look, that basically said 'language'.

"Sorry El" he said.

"Accepted" I said, and smiled.

We all went out of the car, and went into the mall.

We were in 'Forever 21' at the moment, and I had 5 tops, 2 pants, 5 shorts, 1 dress and 10 leggins, and I was currently looking at a dress, that was gorgeous, but expensive.

"Whats up baby" justin said, and. had his arms around my waist.

"This dress is soo pretty" I said, and. sighed.

"Baby, I'm paying, so get It if you wanna have it" he said. and kissed my cheek.

Its funny how we were acting like a couple but we weren't.

"But its soo expensive" I said and looked at it again.

The dress, reached midthigh, and it was white, and skin tight and it was strapless.

The one I already had choose was with flowers, and went midtight, and the sleeves went 2 the elbow.

"And I dont wanna spend all ur money" I said, and sighed ones again.

"Baby get it. Trust me you aren't spending my money, I have enough" he said.

"Ookkkaayy" I said. "But we r paying now" I said again.

"okay" he said.

we went over and paid. After the. boys wanted too go, in. some shop with boys clothes.

I was also looking around, and all the sudden some arms were around me, I thought it was Justin, so I turned around smiling, but was met by an unfamiliar face.

"Whats up baby, want come home with me and some 'fun'" he said, and winked at me.


"No thank you" I said, or more like sqeauked.

"C'mon baby, I won't bite. Hard" he said, I was about to answer.

"She said no now leave or I'll fucking kill you" Justin, who was now behind me, growled at him, which made him walk away.

"You okay baby" Justin said and hugged me.

"Yeah, just a bit shaking up" I said, and my body wouldnt stop trembling, what if it have been tom, it could easly have been him.

"You guys found anything" I asked, and turned around.

"Yeah, we were about to pay for it" he said, smiling at me.

"I found this cap, and I was wonder-" "course you can have it baby" justin said, and cut me of, and took the cap I was holding.

"Thank you" I said, and hugged him, and giving him a kiss on his cheek.

"Welcome" he said and went over to pay with the guys.

They came back a short time after, and we went out.

"here's ur cap baby" he said smirking at me, while giving me a bag, that was too big to only contain a cap.

I gave him a look, and took the bag, from his hand. I was about to look in it.

"Uh uh, no looking until we come home" he said, making me pout at him.

"As adorable and sexy you look right now, still nope" he said, and looked away from me.

Damn it…

"Fiiinee" I said, and went into the car.

The guys went into the car, laughing of how silly I was.


After a while we got home, safe and sound.

I was pretty happy that nothing happen. Except for the horny guy in the store.

I went inside and ran up to the room I was staying in, which was Justins.

As I got up, I open the bag, and. saw a sweatshirt that was way 2 big for me, it was gray, and had the letters, 'I dont bite. Hard' and then a winky smiley under it.

"Juuusssssyyyy" I yelled, and before I could count to 3 he was here.

"Whats wrong" he asked, sounding very worried. I giggled at him.

"Nothing, I Just wonna thank you for the sweatshirt, I love it" I said, and went over to him. He let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad you like it baby" he said to me. Ahhhhh how I love it when he calls me that.

"I have been thinking about something" he said, and scrathed the back of his neck. OMG was he nervous?!??!

"Yes" I asked.

"Ehhr. i-i was wonderig if you wanted t-to go on a d-date with me" he said, and looked down blusing.

"OMG OF COURSE"  I yelled, and hugged him again.

"Really. OMG thank you baby" he said.

Why is he soo amazing??

Hope you guys like it so far:)

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