All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


4. ♕Chapter 3♕


I watched her sexy ass walk upstairs. Man I swear shes the most beautiful thing I'v ever seen in my life. "Whats up bizzle" Khalil smirked knowingly at me. "Whats up with this chick" Jason asked. "I think she's my mate guys" I said and smiled at the thought of my mate. "She suuree is sex on legs" jason said smirking. "Watch it" I growled instantly. "I better go up. My girl is waiting" I said and went up stairs.

I saw her lay on her phone in ny bed. "Heyy" I said, smiling at her. She looked up and smiled at me. "heey whats up" she answered. "Not much. do you wanna go to sleep or?" I asked.

"I think imma sleep. where do I sleep" she asked and got up. She had change from leggins to some short nightshorts. Her legs were tan and looked soo smoth. "Here in my bed" I said and took my shirt off. Because  

1. I wanted to show my sexy 8pack of

2. it was getting hot in here and we were about too go 2 sleep.

"Noo I can't take your bed, what bout you then? " she asked. lets tease her a bit. "Im gonna be sleeping right next 2 you baby girl" I said smirking and turned around to have her eyes glued to my abs. "w-wha" she tried. But she couldnt really form a real senten.

"Eyes up here. Im kidding baby girl, if you don't want me up here with you I'll just take the couch downstairs" I said. Man I hoped she wanted me up here. "Noo, stay" she said and kept looking in my eyes.

"You sure sweetheart I dont wanna presure you" I said. who am I kidding, it was taking everything in me right now, but to rip her clothes of and claim her mine. I wonder how her blood tasted like.

tsshh like heaven of course.

your probably right.

Of course im right

Gaaardd i want her

take her, claim hertaste her blood you know you want to

shut up

"No its fine" she said. And snapped me out of my thought. "Okay. imma take a shower and then you can change" I said and went over and kissed her cheek, which made her blush.

I went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. when I was doneI took a towel and raped it around my torso. I walked into my room 2 see her laying on my bed in one of my shirts and nothing else. I felt my cock starting grow.

Noo not now go 2 sleep stupid dick.

She snaped her head up when she heard the door close. And again her eyes were glued 2 my abs. I smirked and went 2 my walkin closet 2 find some boxers and sweats.

"I hope you dont mind me borrow one of your shirts" She said and blushed a bit. "Its fine baby girl. lets sleep" i said and went into the bed were she was.

I was on my back and I could hear her deep breath which ment she was sleeping. i closed my eyes and tried 2 sleep, but before i feel asleep i felt her cuddling to my side.

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