All That Matters (Justin Bieber Love Story)

This story is about Justin being a vampire and finding his mate.
But will his mate love him too?
will she hate him?
How do they meet?
And most important who is his mate?

Read all about in 'All that matters'


14. ♕Chapter 13♕

Justins pov

"Look Justin, im glad you told me and dont worry im not gonna leave you, but you have 2 understand that im not a vampire, and you have 2 tell me if im doing anything wrong. And you have turn the possesiveness down a notch." She said ans i couldnt help the smile that was creeping 2 come on my face.


 I ran over 2 her ans hygged the life out of her, making her giggle at me I think.

"Thank you for not leaving me" I said and looked into her eyes.

"Even if I wanted 2 leave. I don't think I could" She said, carresing my cheek, making me lean into her touch. Happy 2 know that she feels the mate bond too.

"So anything you wanna know about vampire things" I asked her, with my hand on her hand which was still on my cheek.

"Do you like have 2 bite me" she asked, and I think she meant when we mate if I have 2 mark her.

"Yes, I'm doin it when we mate for the first time" I said, taking my hands down 2 her waist which fit perfectly in ny hands.

"Okay" she said, smiling at me, making smile back of course.

"You know I'm really glad ur staying, and trust me u wont let ur dad hurt u in any way" I said, growling at the end, making her jump slightly in my arms

I nuzzled my nose in her necktaking in her delicious scent. She start giggling a but, which made my heart flutter.

"It tickles" She said, giggling again. I smirked at what she said.

"Tickles, you say" I saiid, while a playfull smile came over my lips, making her squeal and run.

I caught her quickly and through her in the bed. I straddle her hips and start tickling her.

Her laughter was enough 2 maake my day, even her beautiful smile.

"S-Stoopp" she screamed out, while still laughing. I shook my head.

"Ny uh. Say 'justin is the sexiest man alive'" I said, still tickiling her.

"Noo" She yelled out.

"Say it" I yelled while smiling.

"Fine. J-Justin is t-the sexiest man a-alive" she said, making me stop and plant a kiss on her cheek.

"Its true" I said, while getting off her, making her sigh, while trying to catch her breathe.

I looked at her, and it hit me how lucky i actullay was, too get such a beautiful mate.

Sorry its not that long :// 

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