Unwritten Letters -N.H-

Jenny and Niall were dating before the X-Factor and then broke up. What happens after 4 years when Sage, Jenny's little sister, finds out about Niall? Will things change when Sage tries to help her sister get Niall back? Will Jenny and Niall fall in love with each other?


12. Answer with love

Niall sat on the sofa and he sighed. He read the letter, but so far he had not time to go to Ireland. He also wondered what she meant by that she wanted him to take the letters? 


"Can I write a darling?" he wrote at the top of the letter. "It feels more accurate and it will make you understand that I really do have feelings for you, still. So that's why I persevere: Hello Darling! And if you don't accept it, you get mad at me? I can't come over to you so quickly, not now. I can come over in three weeks, on a Friday, and then I can meet you on the Saturday, but earlier in the day? It sounds like a late time, four o'clock? What should I do before four o'clock? miss you? 

In four weeks, I will come and you going to meet me. I land at the airport on Friday night and I want you to meet me Saturday morning. Do you work then? If so, I come to your job and make you company. I look so forward to meeting you. 

Why do you want me to take the letters to our meeting? You know what you have written? I'll take them, if you really want that, if that's important to you. I love you and I miss you. I'm glad you opened up and I'm glad that you dare to be honest with me. I remember you used to not dare to say what you thought, but it feels as if you changed? Can't you send over a photo of you? How do you look now? So I get a photo to look at when I go to sleep?"

Niall put down a photo of him, if she would consider that he only demanded things from her. 
"Sending with the letter a photo of me, so you have something to look at? I know it might not be the best photo, but it's good enough? Your Niall!"

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