I Have Nothing

Maria Matthews has a crush on the popular Quinn Shore for a while and she's always gotten nervous around him. but what happens when her best friend starts to date him????


4. Grey

Monday 6:30 AM "MARIA WAKE UP, SCHOOL IN 30." I slowly get up taking my sweet time. If only I could dream forever and never wake up to this horrible and embarrassing reality. "Fine I'm up." I yell back. I get dressed in blue skinnies and a white muscle tank and make my way down stairs. "What is with your hair?" Anna looks at me like I'm a bug on her Prada purse. "Nothing, I'm just leaving it down. Now can I pleaseeee stay home for like the rest of my life." I beg. I can't go into school today after what happened at the party. And ever so nice Anna declines. "No your going and your not going to make a mess that I have to clean up. I have a big meeting and I can't have you misbehaving." So today I go into my own personal hell. The halls of Mount Alexander High. Home of the cliches, popular's, and rich spoiled kids. ****SKIP CAR RIDE**** "Damn it." I can't find Sam. I text her like it's the most important thing in the world. because it is. M: OMG S... where are you? S: Chill, I'm at your locker. duhhh. I'm here everyday. M: I can't just walk in there. S: Get your ass in here. M: fine I'm coming, Hope you have a paper bag to go over my head. I pretty much run to her. I quickly open my locker and dive into it. "I just want to die..." i say to no one really. "To bad, because then you'd miss me kicking Mr.Perfects butt. Who btw is walking over here." ugggg, great just what I need right now. Quinn: "Hey Matthews, can I talk to you?" Sam: "Um no, go away before I hurt you." Maria: "No Sam it's... it's ok. What's up." I say with a fake smile on, which Sam looks pissed about. Quinn: "I wanted to say I'm sorry about Friday, at the dance. Those girls they weren't..." Maria: "No it's fine really. No problem at all. It doesn't matter to me, you can do what you want. I have to go, bye." I quickly cut him off so I wouldn't hear lies and pity. I do the thing I never thought I would do to Quinn Shore and turn my back on him. I get to class and is one of the first ones in there, people slowly start filling in including Quinn. Who looks blue. But after what he did to me I didn't feel sorry. I tried to pay attention but found it harder then usual. My day silently goes without complaint. Even my teacher looked kinda depressed. But they still continued with lesson. ****RINNNNGGGGGG**** Finally, the last bell. I grab all my stuff and is the first out of there. I spot the car and slowly get in. Anna: "I was surprised when I didn't get a phone call, it doesn't seem like a real day." Maria: "Yeah, I wasn't in the mood for it today." Anna: "Is something wrong?" She has a worried voice. But I feel as if I talk all the tears I've tried so hard to fight all day will come out. so I just shake my head.

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