I Have Nothing

Maria Matthews has a crush on the popular Quinn Shore for a while and she's always gotten nervous around him. but what happens when her best friend starts to date him????


1. School

   Damn. He's there, I wish there was another way to class.

"well, looky here. Um Maria you got something there, on your chin." Sam said.

One of my only true friends. i quickly check my chin and mouth. "Look he's here. Why is he always here?" not really talking to anyone, but I get one anyway.

Sam looks at me like i'm an idiot and answer's me.

"Maria, it's his locker. Where else should he be?"

Great now i sound like i'm stupid.

"lets just walk quickly and quiet..."i start to say but get cut off by yelling.

"hey Quinn." Sam yells.

What the hell is she thinking, i'm gonna kill her. Quinn smiles and my knees get a little weak.

"hey what's up?" He asked as Sam walked towards him, while i was being dragged by the collar like a dog. "Nothing much, hey you remember Maria right?"

i give her a look that says shes gonna pay for this.

but he just looks amused."Yeah what's up Matthews?" he asked while staring at me.

All i could say was uh-huh. Even though i had an entire thought wanting to come out. His friends started laughing and holding their stomachs. so i gave them a look, and they stopped laughing. i gave them a smile that said thank you in a very sassy way. i make my way to class and shake my hips walking pass them all. i sit in the very back and pull out my phone. i started to act like i was busy so no one would talk to me. Sadly Quinn comes in. But i try to block him out of my vision. he doesn't see me. The teacher comes in and gives me THE GLARE.

"alright i'm putting it away jeez." i said while every one looks at me and laughs. so instead i took out my hat and put that on. It was a goofy hat i got at the park. he looks back at me then points to the door. so i put my head down then suffle to the door while laughing. then i run and take all his papers off his desk and throw them into the air. i run out of there and to the front office, asking for my mommy. i was acting like a 5 year old. I have always been the class clown. My foster mom comes in and does her usual sigh. she talks to the board again and comes back out. she points out the door and when we get in the car she decides to yell at me. 

Elizabeth Maria Matthews, i am sick and tired of you acting up." Anna said.

"And i care whyyy?" i ask. i'm so tired of her always getting on my case. "GET IN THE HOUSE NOW!!!" she yells.


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