The Weekends

❝where there is pizza,
there is life.❞


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Authors note: 


Since I just started writing on Movellas, I dont know if this story is going to be typical story or something completely different from others, but I do hope you enjoy it! Im going to be completely honest, this story is random shit with sappy moments.  

Oh, and Niall Horan is in this story. Just him, the other boys arent. Sorry :( 





I lifted my arms in the air as I felt the wind brush through my brunette hair, the stars in my eyes and the full enjoyment of feeling free 


Suddenly, enjoyment of feeling free turned into a disaster as Niall switched the air on full speed. Papers, magazines, and any object you could imagine began to fly around the room. With a squeak, I fell to the floor as a massive phone book hit me right on the nose. 


“Oh shit, Niall switched the fan off, then smiled innocently at me.“SorryMarina.”I glared at my stupid, Irish, child-like roommate and lifted myself of the ground, dusting the dirt off my clothing.“Niall, this is the fifth time. Im sorry, but I dont think photography is your thing.”  


Niall, huffing like a child, stomped out of the room before grabbing his Canon camera.  


Since we first met in university, Niall has had this huge dream of becoming a professional photographer, but as much as I hate to admit, Nialls photos arent. . . the best. He always asks me to model for him and I gladly accept, but I either (1) look terrible or (2) get hit in the face. If hes going to open his photography business, that cannot be happening to his customers.  


After cleaning the room, I went outside the apartment building for a smoke.  


Patting my back pocket, I realized I had left the lighter back in the room.“Crap,”I murmured, looking around in embarrassment as the cigarette dangled from my mouth.  


Need a lighter? A sudden tap on my shoulder caused my to turn to face a pair of green eyes. I took a step back and wow. This guy is. . . wow 


Um, My voice trailed off as the guy leaned back to me and raised the lighter to my mouth, lighting up the cigarette for me. He then light his own.  


We stood there in the cold, but it wasnt awkward. It was some-what comfortable. I took that opportunity to really check this guy out. He wore a jacket over a nice fitting black t-shirt, had nice cheek bones, kissable lips, feathery brunette hair, and a good tall height.  


Hey, He suddenly spoke up. I quickly looked away. “I really have to get going. But it was nice meeting you.  


Damn it.  


Yeah, I have to get going too.” No I dont. Im a loner with a Niall. “Could I, um, get your name first?” 


“Oh, of course. Im Ethan.”  




“You wont believe it Niall,”  


Niall and I were sat at a local café, two hot chocolates and a massive plate of chocolate chip cookies on the table. Niall was too focused on his phone to care, but I kept going. 


“I met the most gorgeous guy ever. Hes brunette with these amazing green eyes and fuck Niall. I need him.” Niall looked up from his phone, gave me blank look, then returned to his texting. What a friend he is.  


I lifted my hot chocolate to my lips, took a sip, and felt on cloud nine. If a simple hot chocolate could do this to a girl, then you know this drink is good. After a couple minutes of being ignored from Niall, I heard the door ring, signaling a customer came through the door. I turned and felt my heart speed up then drop.  


Ethan was there, with a girl next to him.  




Authors Note 

Yeah, don’t expect long chapters. 


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