You can't own me

Erin is a stunning girl and she knows it. She has learnt that nobody can own or hurt her. She likes to play with guys. But what happens when she and her friend meet Justin during a party? Read to find out!


2. what is he doing w/ him?

• *skip the car drive*

"Okay we're here girls" he said, pushing a big door. We entered, Alfredo (it was his name, I wasn't a bieber girl sooooo don't get me wrong we didn't know him!) between me and Clara. He had his arm both wrapped around our waist. He let go and me and Clara went directly to the pol dance, in front of the bar. The guys were not that bad, they would pay shots for us so I was completely drunk.

"Girl there is bieber sosie who's staring at your ass like dammmmn" Clara told me, while laughing, she was completely drunk too.

I wanted to see so I turned my head to the left and then to the right and I saw him. I smiled sexily and I saw him bitting his lower lips. Wait? What is he doing with Alfredo? At this moment I felt a hand touching my ass from under the pol dance. I looked down and saw a guy smiling to what he did. Seriously? I went down on my knees, looked at him sexily, asked him with my finger to approach me and right then I showed him my middle finger, before getting up and seeing that justin (i guess it was him) saw the hole scene.

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