Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


10. new

Justin's P.O.V

its been almost a year and its the end of the tour, last show is tonight I don't want to leave this its been an amazing year with the most amazing team but Demi and Cat had to leave 3 months ago but Bella wanted to stay we've also been on our first date in Paris, yes she loved it. 

we are just going around in Australia in a town named Perth, its a pretty cool town and I have the coolest girl by my side, I walk as I admires her she is the most sweetest,kindest most beautiful girl I've ever met "Justin watch out for that.. pole!" Bella says as I walk into a pole I shake my head and looks at Bella who's laughing aww she looks even more beautiful when she laughs "a least it wasn't a glass door this time!" I mumble Bella now stop laugh and slips my hand, I look back at her "what is it?" I ask she looks shocked I turn around to see what it is, "Justin isn't that Ryan?" Bella asks taking my hand again "yes it is and that is for sure NOT Cat" I say "d-do think he is cheating on Cat?" Bella asks "no.." I say hoping I'm right, Ryan would never be like that or is it just a side I don't know? I need to find out. 


Bella's P.O.V

I look at Ryan talking with the other girl "should we ask him what he is doing?" I ask as I find out Justin is already walking over to them "Justin?" I say knowing he can't hear me. I look at them as they talks Ryan and the girl looks calm as they explains to Justin and Justin nods bro hugs Ryan and goes back to me "what was it?" I ask with curiosity "he said they are friends from home and they just met here" Justin explains I nod "come on we still have to get the food or else I think Fredo eats the bus" I say as I takes Justin's hand and walks to McDonalds when we reach there I'm about to go inside, but Justin grabs my arm "Justin we have to go inside to order?" I say "wait.." Justin says as he kisses me, ohh his kisses is the best ever and I almost doesn't notice the paparazzi's who takes pictures of us but luckily Justin hides my face with taking my hod on my jacket on my head "Justin is that you new girlfriend?" one says "girl can we see you face?" another says but I'm in another universe right now while Justin kisses me.


Justin's P.O.V

I have to stop the kiss cause someone pusses us. I turn around to the one who pushed us "so what are you gonna do Bieber" he says with his stupid videocamera, I'm about to go hit him but then luckily for me I have Bella she takes my arm and walks me into McDonalds "they're not worth it, just let it go" she says calmly witch makes me calm. we order and 5 min we gets our food, before I walks out I look out of the window to see if there is any paparazzi's and of course there is "wow they are many, maybe you should ask Kenny to come with the car?" Bella say I nod and calls Kenny.

*Phone convo*

Me"hey Kenny, I'm at McDonalds and there is a puns of paps outside can you come?" 

Kenny"of course JB" 

Me"K see you"

Kenny"see you JB"

I hang up as I sit down at a table.

as we're are waiting for Kenny to come, there comes some Beliebers and I of course happily takes some pics with them and writes some autographs. *BLING* I look at my phone 

to JB from Kenny

*hi JB I'm outside McDonalds now, I stand in the door* 

I text back.

to Kenny from JB

*we're coming now* 

I send it and takes Bella's hand and goes outside, Bella hides her face from the many blitzes that come right in our faces, Kenny meets us right outside the door he and the other security guys pushes the paps away to we reaches to car, as the gentleman I am I of course lets Bella go in first then I get into her and then the security come in "here" Bella says as she gives me a letter on the front it says "from your biggest Belieber" I open it and starts to read out loud

dear Justin <3

first I want to say I love you so much and you music is amazing.

but I'd promised myself if I would ever get the opportunity I'd give you a letter that says why I'm a here and why I support you, I know that you probably don't care but ANYWAY. 

I am here becauseI love you but important I feel like I owe you cause you saved my life, make some one read the next and close you eyes as they read and dissemble it... 

I stop reading and gets Bella to read it as I close my eyes she starts to read out loud.

Only a 5 year ago I got bullied in school and I had no friends I was invisible, everyday that I came home I felt terrible about myself and I felt like the only way I could get out with the pain in my heart was to cut myself, I felt ashamed of my self and my body... it got worse for everyday that elapsed, I had to go to school cause my mom didn't understood... now read the end yourself.

Bella gives me the letter again and I start reading out loud.

I now sit here and I feel happy and loved, I graduated from high school and is now on tour with you.. I will forever love and support you!

Love your Bella xxx

I looks worried at Bella she bit her lip ands hugs me, I hug her back "Thanks" she whispers in my ear. for the rest of the drive I just look froward in shock, I knew she got bulled but she never mentioned that she's cut herself! My baby should not hurt herself, she's perfect. "Justin we're here" Bella says, I get out of the car holding her hand, I opens the door to Bella and mine's bus and get into the bedroom.

Bella's P.O.V

I go into the dancers tour bus with the food after I go into me and Justin's tour bus but just isn't there so I check in the bedroom and there he is laying on his bed, I understand if he got shocked cause I'd never told him I'd cut myself "Justin are you ok?" I ask as I sit dow beside him "no.." he says sound like he is thinking "Justin its along time ago now, I'm good now" I say as start to paint on his bag with my finger "but I just don't get it why would you do such a terrible thing?2 Justin says still laying on the bag "I didn't knew what to do so I just cut"I say Justin turns around and sits up "you JUST cut" Justin almost shout "Justin calm down, its ok now" I say trying to calm him down "where?" he asks frustrated "what?" I ask confused he looks at me "on my ankle" I say as I look down "can I see?" Justin asks caring I fold my jeans up, takes of my socks and takes my foot up on the bed "promise me something" Justin says looking down "what?" I ask putting my finger under his chin and making him look at me "never cut yourself again" Justin says with a sadness in his voice "I'll promise you if you promise me never to leave me" I say still looking in his eyes "I promise" Justin says as he learns forward  and kisses me I let his tongue into my mouth and then we are laying on each other naked "" I moan " you" he says out of breath Justin is amazing!

14 min later

"Justy...did you...lock th...the..door.." I moan in his ear "no.." Justin moan back I kisses his ear "what if..." I asks out of breath "let them" Justin says starting to kiss from my mouth down to my breast "no... Justin we have to... stop.." I say/moan but Justin goes on so I turn us around so I'm at the top of him, I kisses his nose and lays down beside him with my head on his chest, takes the duvet over us and we falls asleep.

At 16:30

We wakes up by Fredo who runs in totally overstrung and screams "GET UP SLEEPYHEADS!" I fast takes my duvet to cover me, he starts to jump in our bed so Justin throws a pillow on him that hard that he falls down on the ground "ouch! Justin that hurt!" Fredo says from the floor, Justin takes one more pillow and throws it down at Fredo again "Fredo just go out and then we come in just a minute" I say, Fredo nods and walks out. I gets up to take my underwear on and I takes a summer dress with flowers on "Justin you have to get up, You got to get ready for your last last show!" I say looking at him aww he looks so sweet sleeping "no first when you kisses me" he says I crawl over to him in the bed and kisses him passionately "now get up" I say trying to get up, but Justin holds me "Justin let go of me" I say as I tries to get out of his grab but fails with the fact that Justin is much stronger than me "don't leave me Baby, I just wanna stay here cuddling with you!" Justin says like a three year old that won't go to kindergarden "thrust me.. I'll never leave you" I say kissing him "I love you" Justin says letting go of me "I love you more Justy, now get ready!" I say and Justin gets up slowly "I go out to the others" I say as I walks to the door "no stay in here baby" Justin says I roll my eyes at him but stays anyway, Justin goes to shower as he is in the shower he starts to sing 'Baby' he'd done that before every concert it really cute. I tiptoe out of the bedroom and into the living room to the others "hi Bella where is Justin I didn't knew you could live without being together 24/7" Fredo jokes "haha Fredo, Justin in shower" I say proud that I could get him up that fast cause I know that if it was they others who tried Justin would still be half sleeping by now "good job Bella, how did you make him get up that fast?" Scooter asks joking/serious "I got some skills" I say laughing "oh come on she'd probably just kissed him and BOOM he got fresh" Fredo says and everyone laughs "do you want to come with us over to the arena?" Scooter asks "ok I'm just telling Justin where I am so he doesn't freak out and thinks I left" I say seriously "no don't it'd be fun to to see Bieber freak out" Fredo says laughing "ok" I say as I go with them "come on Ry" I say making him stand up, me and Ry is going behind the others just laughing about nothing when we see the arena its really big "wow" is all I an say its like really big and blue with clear glass "yep big" Scooters ays as he walks in me and Ry just follows him and its even bigger inside, they're almost done setting the scene up "come on Bella" Ry says as he takes my hand and runs with me up on the stage, he turns me around "sing!" Ry says argh Justin probably said he heard me sing on Demi's tour. I think for a bit "come on Bella sing I've heard you've got a good voice" Ry says just wait to I see Justin its not gonna be pretty that sneak "fine!" I say as I start to sing 'a thousand miles' by Vanessa Carlton its my fave song ever.


Making my way downtown walking fast, 

face's past and I'm homebound


staring blankly ahead just making my way making my way though the crowed... 

I need you, and I miss you

and now I wonder...

if I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by, cause you know I'd would walk thousand miles

If I could just see you...Tonight

its always time like these when I think of you, and I wonder if you ever think of me, cause every things is so wrong and I don't belong, living in you precious memory...

Cause I need you, and I miss you,

and now I wonder, if I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass me by,

Oh, cause you know I'd walk thousand miles, if I could just see you... Tonight

I..I don't want to let you know,

I..I drown in you memory,

I..I don't want to let this go, I..I don't

Making my walk downtown, walking fast faces past and I'm homebound

Staring blankly ahead, I just making a way, making a way through the crowed..

And I still need you, and I still miss you, And now I wonder..

If I could fall into the sky, do you think time would pass us by?

Cause you know I 'd walk thousand miles, if I could just see you..

Oh oh if I could fall, into the say do think time would pass me by?

Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles, if I could just see you..

If I could Just hold you... Tonight....

it was amazing just standing on the stages singing, now I understand why Justin don't want to leave this cause it amazing "wow you got skills" Scooter says clapping I smile "thanks, now I know why Justin loves this so much" I say "yeah and now its soon over.." Justin says with a sad voice WAIT Justin isn't he in the bus "I told you she'd have a good voice bro" Justin says to Ry/Ryan "I admit you were right again" Ry says "so are you ready, to test you voice" mama Jan says walking to us "yep!" Justin says abit overstrung and kisses me "Justin you can kiss you girlfriend when you come back ok?" Mama Jan says motherly Justin nods and kisses me again and Mama Jan just rolls her eyes at him as she walks backstage "Justin get backstage and test you voice" I say the reason he have to test his voice or warm it up is so he can sing better. me and Ry sits backstage with One direction! they're opening up for Justin and they are really good "so what are you gonna sing?" I ask them, they look at each other "Rock me" they shout in unison I nod as I laugh at them "you're so weird" I say when I stop laughing "yep" Niall says making a really weird face "I take it back.. you more than just weird"I say as scooter walks into the room with Justin "LETS MAKE THE BEST SHOW EVER!" Justin shouts when Scooter hush's at him "Justin don't shout like that before a show" he says strict but only because he cares about Justin "first meet n' greet" Mama Jan reminds Justin "yaas I love meet n' greet!" Justin shouts again and Scooter faking a cough to remind Justin to stop shouting that much, Justin ignores Scooter for fun as he walks to the meet n' greet place, I stays with the others.


After meet n' greet


Justin runs backstage and into his dressing room and changes to his 'All around the world' clothe, he again took to much time at the meet n' greet. the 1D guys is coming backstage again from the stage and Tay starts the big watch to count down from 10, all the Beliebers is counting along with it. Justin runs to the wings and get tied to them "good luck Justin!" I shout to make myself heard above the thousand of screaming girls, he smiles at me as the music to All around the world starts plaing and he 'flies' out, he gets down on the stage and starts to sing.


to the one less lonely girl part


Justin goes around on the big stage all for himself "so is any of you girls lonely?" he asks "yeeeees!" They screams Justin sits down in the One less lonely girl thrown, Justin says some things more until he starts singing and I feel a poke on my shoulder, I turn around to see a beautiful, crying and smiling girl with a 'I <3 JB' shirt on "hi you must be the ollg" I say nicely "yes.." she says fan-girling "whats your name?" I asks she takes a deeb breath and whips her tears away "I'm Jasmine, will you film me, when I get on stage with Justin?" Jasmine asks calmly reaching out her phone that on camera "of course" I say as I takes the her phone, as we talk Justin dancers comes for her and I starts to film it. Justin goes around her and makes her sit in the big thrown. In the end of the song he takes her hand and walks her out on the stage and spinning her around as he dances with her when the dancers walks her backstage and Allison walks her down to her sit again she cries all the way. I pay attention to the stage again "before I sing the next song I want to ask you guys, who wants to be my baby?" He shouts and the Beliebers screams as loud as they can and the 'Baby' music sounds through the speakers as Justin starts singing "woah oh oh oh, you know you love me I know you care..." and he goes around singing and dancing. 


end of show


Justin just finished singing 'Believe' on piano "thank you for helping me live my dream, remember to believe and your dream will come true, I love you guys" Justin says as he walks out of stage but fast turns around again "SAY CHEESE!" Justin shorts as he takes a pic with all of the beliebers in the arena "goodnight Perth Arena, this is FOREVER!" Justin says as he for real leaves the stage, he takes of his mic and goes straight over to me "great last show" I say hugging him I nods and kisses me I just love his kisses even when he is all sweaty!


HEY! Guys hope you liked this chapter remember to Like, fave and comment. thanks for reading my story! <3

love me xxx 



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