Confusing love

I don't know if you will like it but there is some information in the first chapter


9. new

Bella's P.O.V 

We got back to the bus and is now on our way back to California only in a week cause after Justin's tour starts and I have to go cause Cat's wants to, someone throws a pillow in my head and with that breaking me out of my thoughts, i look up to see who "that was not funny" I say looking at Justin who have an giant smile on "yes it was haha" Justin laughs I just look annoyed at him "jerk.." I mumble but Justin hears it "hey don't be mad at me" Justin says taking his arm around me.. in some way I like it. NO I don't, suddenly Cat and Demi aww's so Justin fast takes his arm away from me "you are so cute together!" Demi says and none of us know what to say I just move to the other side of the bus and sits on the floor "ok? who wants to play truth or dare" Cat asks as she sit down next to Justin "um no I gotta go to bed now see you tomorrow" I say as I go into my bed...


Cat's P.O.V

I say goodnight to Bella and gets into the couch room or whatever its called, I see that Demi isn't there OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IM ON TOUR WITH DEMI LOVATO ok Cat calm down don't be such a fangirl she will be tired of me then "where is Demi?" I ask Justin and bums down next to him "her manager said she wanted to talk to her" Justin says focussing on the TV he just turned on "uh Justin do you still like Bella?" I ask quietly "maybe" he says and turns off the TV "well do you want her to be yours?" I ask now he seems like he actually listening to me "yeah?" He says "well then make her jaluose" I say as I get up but Justin grabs my arm "wait.. how?" he asks as I sit down again I start to explain what I think he shall do.. " so I just find a girl but how is that making her think that I want her?" Justin asks "It won't. it just makes her realize she have feelings for you" I explain and Justin nods and gets up but stops, he looks at me "do you want to help me?" Justin asks hopeful "I can't she is my best friend" I say "but 'you and me' are the only one who can make her jalouse and said you want to be an actor.. now you can see if you're good enough" Justin says very convincing I think for a bit "ok fine I'll help you" I say.'


*Next morning*


Justin's P.O.V

I wake up by a pillow that gets throned in my face, I quick open the eyes to see who "good morning sleepyhead" Cat says "what time is it" I say with a tired voice Cat comes over to me and sits down "8 am and do you have a plan to make Bella jalouse?" Cat asks with a quiet voice I shake my head hopeful that she will just let me sleep "then we just got to improvise" Cat says I nod as I turn around but my duvet got pulled away from me "nooo give it baack" I say as a little kid "no. now get up" Cat says motherly "I'm on my way..." I say but you know what I'm not hehe. suddenly I feel that Cat pick me on the shoulder "stop it..." I say "not before you wake up" Cat says a bit cheesy but its just Cat "never" I say smirking "ok you asked for it yourself" Cat says and goes out Oh finally! Now I can sleep.


Cat's P.O.V

I goes out to the little kitchen and takes a ewer and fills it with water then I go back to Justin who is still sleeping "do you still don't want to get up?" I ask holding the ewer on my bag "yeees" Justin says down in the pillow I threw at him "well ok" I say as I slowly pour the water on Justin's head and Justin jumps up "well.. it wasn't that hard to get up huh?" I say as I start to laugh "you're gonna pay for that.. just wait" Justin says playfully "how?" I ask going close to him " I don't know but I'll find out" Justin says making a creepy voice "well good luck Bieber" I say "oh good morning guys whats happing here?" and both of me and Justin get big eyes "good morning Bella" Justin says I goes over to here and hugs her "hey there is breakfast in the kitchen" I says making tumps up to Justin behind my bag "ok uh thanks?" Bella says and I can tell she knows somethings up. Justin looks at me "do you think she heard anything?" he asks like I would know "I hope not, but I'm going out to her now and gives her hints that I 'like' you" I say as I hugs him and walks into the kitchen "heey Bells" I say she just gives me a weird look "so whats going on with you and Justin?" Bella asks I just shrugs "I just think he is cute" I say

Bella nods "and he could be a good boyfriend".


Bella's P.O.V

"and he could be a good boyfriend" in the moment Cat says that I get a bit sad but I don't get why, I mean she's just saying nice things about its not that they are dating haha "uh ok" I say as I take my peanut butter toast with me into the couch to eat it and Demi is up "good morning" Demi says I sit down beside her, Cat come in and blinks at Justin? and Justin nods at her what's happing! "so me and Justin have been hiding something.." Cat starts "uh yeah we're dating"Justin ends and thats when my jaw drops, I don't get I thought Justin had feelings for me NOT that I'm jalouse, I'm happy for them "wow that's cool congrats" I say as I hugs them both and Demi does the same. I smile at them "so how long have you been dating?" I asks I try to sound interested, but its hard "uh now its been.. 30 days" Cat says as she hugs Justin's arm and kissing him, wow. I guess I'm not the only ones who's surprised, Justin also looks like he didn't expect that "wow cool" I say smiling awkwardly "yeah" Justin says.

-----awkward silence------

"so somebody wants to go to mcdonalds?" Justin asks we all just look weird at him "Justin we're on a bus that is driving" I says as I start to laugh "oh well then lets make our own!" Justin says we just shakes our heads..


*in the start of Justin's believe tour*

I sit in me and Demi's bus it is also Cat's but is busy kissing with Justin. I must admit I'm ABIT jalouse of her, but not that much I have to tell them I start singing 'I loved you first' by one direction

"I've been waiting all this time to finally say it but now I see you heart has been taken and nothing could be worse! baby I over you first.. tight my chances could have been where she is standing thats what hurts the most, boy I've been so close but now you'll never know.. baby I loved you first. boy it should be me calling on you phone saying you're the one and that I'll never let you go.." I go around singing when I suddenly bums into someone but who I thought I was alone. "Justin!" I say clearly shocked "hey Bella, was it you who sang before?" he asks and I start to panic "uh.. oh.. no uh it was uh just the radio" I say but at some reason Justin gives me a weird look "uh Bella you don't have a radio" he says raising his eyebrows "well.. we should have" I say looking anywhere else than in his eyes he starts to laugh as he takes a sit in the couch "what do want Justin!" I say annoyed that I have feelings for him "there she is the new Bella in these 2 weeks" Justin says he playfully hating my arm as I sit down beside him maybe I should just tell him why I've been like that all week, I take a deeb breath "sorry that I've been like that, I'm just annoyed that I still have feelings for you after 2 years.." I say Justin takes my hand and just looks me in the eyes "you know I thought that if I was dating Cat.. I would forget about you" Justin says "but you didn't?" I say lost in his eyes "no.." He says as he learns forward to KISS ME? I fast gets up cause it wouldn't be fair to Cat "I'm sorry Bella, I got grabbed of the moment" Justin says apologizing "its ok, I have to go bye!" I say running out I have to tell Cat this she would never do what I just did to me "wait Bella?" Justin shouts behind me I stops "would you kiss me if I didn't had Cat?" Justin asks I will say no, but I can't hide it anymore so I walks closer to Justin and kisses him with all I have "I couldn't stand it anymore" I whisper Justin smiles when he looks behind me "Cat.." he whispers as he turns me around "Cat I- it wasn't.." I say she just looks at me "can I talk with you" she says as she takes my hand and walks us behind Justin's bus "do you have feelings for him?" she say surprising not mad at all, I nod "good then one of have, I think I got feelings for Ryan" she says "so you're not mad?" I asks she shakes her head "no, you're my best friend and you would never just kiss him if you didn't meant it" Cat says as we walks back to Justin "go kiss him if you want to" Cat whispers so I do, Maybe it sounds weird but I think I might like Justin more than I thought.


Justin's P.O.V

Bella runs to me and kisses me finally I get her and I will never let her go. "I love you Justin" Bella says looking me in the eyes "I love you to Bella" I say as I smiles.

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